What color should you paint your nails?

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MLP Bat Pony said:
Jul 12 '17, 11:15AM

i hate yellow :(

Paris234 said:
Jul 1 '17, 10:17PM

I got baby pink I got the least percent black but I just painted my nails black

LoserLoner said:
Feb 12 '17, 12:33PM

80% Black
Interests- You love to read. On the outside, people see you as something different. You could be known as the tough girl. Or the shy girl. Friends- You tend to be over-protective with your friends. You either want them to be who they aren't, or watch over them like a mother. Why Should I pick Black?- Unlike other colors, black is not an attention craver. People won't be staring at you, or expecting more than you can give.

Coolio... I guess I wasn't dank enough for 100%... *)3(*

Depressed_Emo said:
Jun 29 '16, 5:59PM

Black... yep

SC countrygirl said:
Apr 26 '16, 9:50PM

i got purple but i dont paint my nails y paint them for them just to get messed up in 10 minutes

Melt said:
Apr 16 '16, 9:54PM

I got purple. I've never really thought about painting my nails purple, and that sounds like a nice idea. I'd probably go for a deep plum shade. Thank you very much, this was a great quiz. c:

IvystarGecko said:
Apr 2 '16, 8:28PM

I don't think girly girls are caring or kind at all. ALL they care about is theirselves and how they look.

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