What color is your aura?

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Random101 said:
Dec 18 '15, 7:38PM

I tied with yellow and green, great quiz!

darkheart2 said:
Jul 12 '15, 5:48PM

i am white "god-like"

PebbleBoi said:
Jun 1 '15, 12:44AM

I got Gold... nice.

Liney said:
Mar 18 '15, 7:59AM

I got yellow,i got pink at the others but its okay.Yellow and pink are cute mates so,there! :D

Iceblue said:
Feb 25 '15, 12:16AM

Yellow! I wish I got blue because blue is so pretty ^_^

haterofmorons4 said:
Nov 23 '14, 12:37AM

Your quiz is full of fail and can only descrbe idiots! My friend is too perfect for this quiz and you're too stupid to be making something like this! DIE!

RoyaltieFallen said:
Oct 15 '14, 12:39AM

I got equal score for black and red.

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