What Breed of Horse are you?

Horses are amazing creatures! Like humans, each has their own personality! Find out how you and horses mix.

What breed of horse do you think you are? You might be surprised! You may be the graceful Arabian Horse, or the crazy, very distinct, Shetland Pony! Go on, you know you wanna know.

Created by: Eliza
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Your friends are throwing you a surprise birthday party! It's the big day, you walk into your house and everybody yells "Surprise!". What do you do?
Scream and run away.
Scream and obtain a Kung Fu pose.
Your slightly shocked, but quite excited!
You smile like it's an everyday thing.
Your so excited, your bouncing up and down like mad!
Stand stunned for a moment.
4. You're thinking of buying a new car. What do you characteristics do you want in your new ride?
Anything FAST!
Speedy, but has to be pretty
Just has to get me around town.
Must be sleek and gorgeous, speed doesn't matter.
Whatever I can afford.
Something small that packs a punch!
5. You have a totally free Saturday for once! What do you wanna do?
Playing tag with 50 friends!
Your favorite sport, sitting at home and relaxing
Playing a sports video game! You wanna get out there and play for real, but you're just too lazy.
Whatever you feel like doing.
Something spontaneous!
Chilling with a friend or two.
6. Speaking in horse form, what would be your ideal thing to do with your rider?
Jumping, racing, whatever, just needs to be fast!
Whatever, I'm gonna buck them off anyway.
Something fast but fancy.
A nice easy trail ride.
Whatever they want!
7. You're getting a new book, you've decided! What do you get?
Book? What's a book? I'm training for a marathon!
Something with a slight thrill.
Why would I buy a book? I'm busy sleeping.
Something fanciful but adventureous.
Whatever's on sale.
A rebel's story.
8. You're fave song is playing at a party, what do you do?
Jump on stage and start singing! "Let it rock, let it rock, let it rock!"
Sing along while dancing like eveeryone else.
Party? I'm exhausted!
Dance like none other, everyone's staring at you.
Sit in the corner and watch everyone else, you're content to just chill
Do the funky chicken, dude! What do you care that you look stupid, you're having fun!
9. It's movie night! What movie do you go to see?
Action packed adventure!
Does it matter? I'm gonna sleep through it anyway.
Whatever your friends want is good by you.
Something medival, with princesses and princes.
Something thrilling, but not too scary.
The hilariously stupid movie. You know nobody else is in the theatre, so you and your friends make fun of it the whole time.
10. Oh my gosh, you and 5 people have won a trip to California's Adventure park and DISNEYLAND! What becomes your favorite ride?
Space Mountain! Thrilling, but not too fast.
The Log Ride. It's fast, but you like the animatronics.
It's A Small World, the little tune puts you right out.
Buzz Lightyear! You love to shoot, and at the end you get to make funny faces into the camera!
Whatever your friends want, you like 'em all.
11. It's 105 degrees outside, you and your friends are DYING! What do you wanna do?
Lather on the sunscreen and get a tan! Lather it on thick, though, 'cause you're bound to fall asleep.
Swimming! You might dive a couple times, but the cool water is what you want.
Anything's fine by you as long as you get outta the heat!
River Rafting! It's fast, and the scenery is beautiful.
The Water Park! They just put in the biggest, most ultimate drop, most extreme wedgy making slide EVER! You're gonna ride it 10 times!
Play Marco Polo in your tiny blowup pool, screaming at the top of your lungs and bumping into each other. People will look at you ike you're crazy, but you don't care.
12. Wow, now it's -20 degrees outside, brr! What do you wanna do?
Stay inside by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Once you're done you'll take a nice cat nap.
SNOW BOARDING! You gotta take advantage of the opportunity! I mean, it's a little icy and you kight break your arm.... but so what? It's worth the thrill!
Iceskating! It's fast and graceful.
Strap on your swimsuit and go running through the streets screaming!
Whatever is most convient.
Strap on your warm winter clothes and take a nice walk, enjoying the winter scenery.

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