What Horse Breed are You?

There are many types of horse, many of which you think you are, are you find out in this dramatic quiz all about horse, Which horse are you? I dare you to find out!

Can you turn up the mystery of horse personalitys?, do you have one? Can you save the horse personality meter from dieing forever? Are you brave and smart enough? Hurry! Your future awaits1

Created by: Gretchen
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. You sit down to eat at this AWESOME cafe, what do you eat?
That new energy bar, YUM!
Those new French Toast slices, GORGEOUS!
That coconut bar, so you can meet your friend sooner.
4. You schedule a movie with your friend,but she cancels it. What do you do?
Call her and demand apology.
Do nothing, you can always re-schedule
Run over to her house and MAKE her go to the movie with you, OR die! *He,he he!*
5. You go to the beach with your friend Kellie, what do you do?
Go surfing, DUH!
Sit on the beach, rather not go surfing today
No, got to make a sand castle,splash in the water and then get lunch
6. When you head to the movies, what movie do you see?
That new horse race show! AWESOME!
The beauty drama one, SO FAKE! IT'S REAL LIFE HERE!
Watch the one where the slaves go to freedom
7. When you visit the barn which horse do you ride?
Rose, she's BEAUTIFUL! *faints*
Travis, he's a racing LEGEND!
Capricorn, always workind hard!
8. Your horse won't come inside, he want's to stay in the meadow, what do you do?
Run after him, I'm fast enough!
Grab his favorite harness so he thinks hes going to have some Fun Working (Say 'Yay!)
Ignore it, you need to put on makeup
9. You turn on your TV, what do you watch?
That show where people make new things!
That fashion show. Hollywood, here I come!
The Sports Channel *Duh!*
10. When you're outside what do you do?
Run around like a mad bandit!
Nothing, I'm at my friend's house!
Run around in circles, hey, it's fun!
11. You're at the nature reserve, what animal do you look for?
Bear cubs, AWWW! So cute and strong!
Deer, thier so FAST!
Squirrels, to find food for them is ALOT of work!
12. You're at the horse show, what class are you in?
Dressage, duh!
Racing! So exciting!
The Driving Relay, FUN!

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