What Horse Breed Are You?

Almost every girl has loved horses at some point in their life. Many have wanted to be one for a few days, out of curiosity.To be born a horse instead of human.

What if you were a horse? What breed would you be? You you be the beautiful Arabian, or the fast Thoroughbred? Until now, you could only wonder. Take this quiz to be sure!

Created by: Rachel
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3. You show up at your friend's party. It includes going to a fancy restaurant. What do you wear?
A long, ankle dress that swoops around you and makes you look thin.
Sneakers and a torn T-shirt, "We were going to a party?"
A short skirt and a tight brand-name T-shirt.
Your parents forced you into high heels and a ankle-length skirt, but you tore it and broke both heels while walking between the car and front door.
A pair of sneakers are hidden beneath a dress, which covers any evidence that you jogged there.
4. You are taken for a trail ride with your friends and you can pick the horse to ride. Which one do you choose?
The only horse big enough for me looks more like a draft horse than a light one.
The bay one that could almost be black.
A tiny white pony that sniffed curiously at your pockets when you walked near them.
The pure black one, not a single marking is on his brilliantly shining coat.
The tall, thin one. It's clearly built for speed. (Maybe I can accidentally canter)
5. On the trail ride, you can pick the order that you ride in. Where are you?
The front! The way you are less likely to run over the other horses when you 'accidentally' canter!
The back is for me. My horse is so slow that I can't keep him going anyway.
Just behind your friend, who can explain anything you need during the ride.
Second from the front, making fun of the front person for being hyper. You hide that you really want to be there the best that you can.
I'm not really concerned with order, I'm already having the time of my life with my horse.
6. What do you do first-thing most mornings on weekends?
I slip on my shoes for a morning run.
I go barefoot outside, enjoying the dew on the bottoms of my feet.
I go straight to the computer, maybe I can email my friends before my older sibling kicks me off!
To the bathroom! I spend at least half an hour doing my hair before I can dare step out in public.
After falling out of bed, I spend about ten minutes trying to find my glasses.
7. You're on a camping trip with your friends. You get lost and it's getting dark. What do you do?
Sit down on the grass and cry.
You start a fire, gathering edible plants and asking people how they would like their weeds cooked.
You stand in the middle of the group, screaming at every sound and movement.
Run around, checking the area for animals and dangerous things.
Since you already tripped over a tree root, you just sit on a log and massage your foot.
8. You are allowed to ride a horse however you want in a big ring. What do you do?
Grab a favorite pony and practice trotting and cantering.
Pull out the most expensive horse known to man and jump four feet high, laughing at the smaller pony.
You are on crutches after last time you tried to ride, so instead you just watch.
Race around the area, nearly trampling other riders on a thoroughbred.
Ride an Arabian, trying to jump but instead flying off multiple times.
9. You were outside having fun, until a thunderstorm starts. What do you do?
Sit barefoot by the creek in your backyard and feel the water trickle along your feet.
Scream shrilly, running back inside with your hands over your head.
Climb a tree, watching the lightning hit nearby trees with excitement.
Walk sadly back inside, wishing that you were allowed to play in the puddles.
Trip over a rock while walking back inside, so now you're stuck.
10. If you could do anything, right now, what would it be?
Stay on the computer, leaving it normally results in injury.
Go to the mall!
Practice on a track, racing other people.
Go horseback riding! Remember the carrots!
Whatever my friends are doing.
11. How many friends would you say you have?
A few very close ones.
Not sure, I never counted.
Only my best friend!
I'm normally with other people, but I don't know them well enough to describe them as friends.
Around 10 or so, we have known each other since kindergarten.
12. If you ride, or if you could, which discipline would you choose?
Just trail riding, competitions are far too difficult.
Western! Barrel racing sounds like so much fun!
Jumping! Duh!
English sounds like fun.
Racing, never enough speed!

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