What are the chances you'll get kicked out of a store?

Anyone can get kicked out of a store, for any reason. What are the chances you'll get kicked out of a store? The chances of someone getting kicked out, depends on what kind of choices they make. What kind of choices will you make? This quiz has three options for each question, aside from two.

Have you ever wondered what your chances of getting kicked out of a store were? Well, here is your chance to find out. This quiz will judge you based by answer. If you're witty, chances are, you're going to end up with a high percentage.

Created by: Chad
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3. You walk into a store, you're there to do what?
Shop, duh!
I might buy something, I don't know.
I might be walking into the store, but I'm more than likely running out!
4. A/An employee asks you "do you need anything" you respond with:?
Yeah, can you show me where [item here] is?
Nah, I'm just looking.
5. A/An employee is following you around the store, you:
Excuse me, I'm just looking for a couple things, can you help me find them?
*Turn and look* Why are you following me?
*Turn and look - Walk faster - look again - RUN*
6. You see a scooter laying in the middle of an aisle. Do you:
Pick it up and put it in its' rightful place.
Pick it up, you have the thought about riding it... Matter of fact, you actually ride it down the aisle before putting it up.
Ride around workers while being loud and obnoxious.
7. On your way out of the store, you:
Pay for your item(s) you have picked up.
Just leave, after all, you didn't buy anything.
You're running, laughing and hoping that you didn't break anything you just knocked over, because of legal issues.
8. You've been banned from a store now. Do you go back?
Yes, I need to explain why I shouldn't be banned. There's obviously a misunderstanding!
No. I've been banned. There are other stores.
Yes. I need to destroy a couple more aisles, have another sword fight or two, and skateboard. What fun is a store, unless you were banned?!
9. If you have been banned from the store, and security is following you to the entrance. What do you do?
Just move along. You didn't do anything wrong, you're confused. Maybe you should try talking to them, and explaining yourself.
Just go. It's not worth it.
Yell obnoxiously at them, either from your bike, skateboard, or other form of transportation. To the point where they'll even pass the entrance. After all, they have no right to follow you, it was all in fun!
10. Last question: You're identity has been found and you have been reported for your actions in the store. What do you do?
Fight the case! You didn't do anything, they have the wrong person!
Laugh, find another store and do the same thing until it happens again.
11. Pointless question 1: Did you enjoy this quiz?
12. Pointless question 2: Has this quiz given you any ideas for your next store visit?

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