How much of a thrift store junkie are you?

have you ever heard of a "thrift sore junkie" thrift store junkies practically live at thrift stores just like any other person htis the mall everyday.thrift store junkies are not afraid to mess up their clothes. there whole outfit was probably no more than 20 bucks including the shoes. thrift store junkies rock.are you one?find out.

do you love going to the mall and buying the latest trends at the major stores. or are you more into thrift stores and vintage clothes that no ten people at your school will have on that day? want to find out take this quiz!

Created by: amber
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Today is pay day and you want a new outfit.Do you...
...hit American Eagle online for something
...go to an ATM and pull out cash cause most thrift stores only except cash
4. What is the Buffalo exchange?
oh! i heard about that, its where you trade buffalo
a thrift store
a buffallo wing restaurant duh!
5. What do you like most about clothes?
they make me look cool!
they are a portrait of who i am
clothes are clothes
6. DO you like designer clothes?
um yeah!
i dont know any designers
7. goodwill,salvation army
heck yeah!
ew gross
8. do you like yard sales?
i dont wake up early enough for yard sales
who doesn't?
9. do you have any clothes in your closet that did not come from the mall?
about half of it
one or two things
of course not where else will i buy it from?
10. would you ever wear something that is not in style at the moment?
i always do
what a nightmare!
if i was alone at home and no one saw me
11. hand me downs are
cool. the older the better
what a dry my car with
so gross
12. vintage clothes
freak me out they might have spiders on them
ew i dont want to look like my grandma
the best

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