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This is a quiz to ensure that you are ready to be an employee of our video store. There are questions in here that will test how well you know the products, procedures and policies of our video rental store. Hopefully you will pass this quiz with flying colors.

So, sit down take this quiz and see what comes of it! There are no limits on how many times you can take this quiz or go through our training. We want you to become familiar with our store and a great employee. If you have any questions go to our blog and let us know!

Created by: Videostore
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1. Customers need to be acknowledged how many times while visiting our store?
2. We feel our customers need to be highly educated on?
Every movie
Promotional products
Funny stories about other customers
Our social lives
3. Our biggest product is known as?
Champion Reward Program
Rewards Program
Triple Double Dog Program
4. Customers also need?
Free memberships
Us to laugh at them
All their movies for free
Suggestive sales and pleasant service
5. How much is the Champion Program?
6. Who is our competition?
No one
Walmart and Target
Blockbuster, Iggle, Hollywood, Family video, Walmart, Target, Kmart ..anyone who sells and rents!
Your neighbor
7. Our movies and games cost?
8. Our mission is to be?
The best rental video store in the area
The most organized store
Everyones friend
9. When can our customers trade in three movies for one new one?
When they yell at me !
When they are a Champion member!
When they pay us!
By renting a lot of movies!
10. Can renters win a free membership?
Why, yes they can!
Only if I like them
It depends...

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