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  • Monkey lel I'm smart and do cool stuff and closely followed by Dolphin.

    NightVisions101 Jul 12 '16, 12:00AM
  • Haha that was funny, I''m a Monkey, but I know I'm more than a bunny.. maybe my monkey side always takes over the bunny one..

    Crimson Red Jul 7 '16, 8:02AM
  • I got dolphin almost by parrot

    Crystal2003 Apr 23 '16, 1:51PM
  • Dolphin, but I nearley got cheetah

    Hermione19 Aug 27 '15, 1:48PM
  • Dolphin, but I nearley got cheetah

    Hermione19 Aug 25 '15, 3:29PM
  • Why am i an Alien?

    Mickgamergirl Apr 14 '15, 9:37AM
  • Love your quiz!!! So far I've always gotten a wolf, and if there wasn't a wolf, I'd be the fox, and now I'm a dolphin!! Nice idea for your quiz!

    FreeSpirit Dec 2 '14, 10:45PM

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