What animal Are you...Really?

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Metricchasm said:
Apr 25 '14, 8:42PM

I'm a parrot? How in hades name? I hate talking? Lmao

rikkitiger said:
Jul 9 '13, 11:16AM

yeah! im a dolphin and that's my fav. animal too! great quiz!!!!!

delphina said:
Jun 4 '12, 8:09PM

im a dolphin and nobody will ever get tired of me :)....LIE go to my quiz "does he like you????" by delphina

Rodeo Chic said:
Feb 25 '12, 6:57PM


rascal1178 said:
Feb 4 '12, 10:47PM

I'm a dolfin! Yay! SeaWorld is where I live!!!!!

Shaymin said:
Jul 9 '11, 3:17PM

"You are quiet and shy to strangers, but when people REALLY get to know you, you are the sweetest animal and the bestest of all friends. Does this sound like you? I think so."
A[no urls] how sweet. So far I've gotten a cat that is somewhat soft and somewhat cruel, and now this... Hmmm... Maybe I'm a Kitty-Bunny hybrid with multiple personality disorder? :P

SecretDancer said:
May 2 '11, 3:54PM

OMG! this thing discribed me perfectly. I'm fast, somtimes bossy, everyone likes my anyway... etc.. AWESOME!!!

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