What American accent do you really have?

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newenglander said:
Aug 17 '14, 3:49PM

I'm from the northeast and it was spot on even after 17 years lived abroad in Rome, Italy and London, England.

Bradsome said:
Aug 4 '14, 8:04PM

NORTHERN ACCENT. I should go with Media and news jobs.
Real American.

YAYyayYAYyayYAY said:
Jun 10 '14, 12:54AM

I got northern central. I live in california, so this quiz is off for me.

DarthVader said:
Jun 7 '14, 11:08PM

I got Midland on both this quiz and the other one. :) I really do have no accent...

Cloeluvslsu said:
Feb 2 '14, 2:32AM

I'm from Louisiana I have always lived here. I did not get the
Quiz and I didn't get the questions. I got a western accent. I ain't

DorothyFitch said:
Nov 24 '13, 6:09PM

I enjoyed the quiz but honestly did not understand the results ( beyond that I am mostly northern). What's with all the percentages for the other regions?

sybilb said:
Nov 19 '13, 7:20PM

Thanks for the quiz. It is fascinating. I am from Vermont but my parents were from New York and Switzerland. I was always told to speak properly, ennunciate correctly as my mother was learning English when I was a small child. Then I lived in Maine for two and a half years. When I was 21, I moved to California where I have lived for over 35 years. I always thought I did not have an accent (the California accent) but I tested as having a Midland accent. I believe I have also been influenced by getting two Master's degrees and some acting classes years ago. Good luck with your book!

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