What American accent do you really have?

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LumaDove said:
Sep 22 '17, 7:03PM

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mittmito said:
Sep 16 '15, 4:44AM

Philadelphia . . Humm . . . I've ever met with phillian in that time was working at trade buy new or old car dealerships are in central java , persist in BLORA .

Wysper said:
Aug 23 '15, 1:54PM

It gave me both 88% for supposedly having a Midland and North Central accent, but I'm from upstate New York xD I don't really know if that works for me haha.

QuebecSpeaking said:
Jul 21 '15, 11:04AM

NORTHERN ACCENT! COOL, Because that's from where i am (not in america, but in canada) XD

ZariahRoze said:
Jul 2 '15, 1:39AM

north easten again. maybe i was born in the wrong country.

Scourgelover said:
Mar 23 '15, 4:17PM

So accurate...I'm not American, I'm Canadian. And the quiz said people might think I was Canadian.

Murdered said:
Feb 5 '15, 7:22AM

Quiz wrong. I'm TEXAN and proud of it. Not New Jersey! I'm very offended. Also, New Yorkers, we don't live like Cowboys most of the time. We are civilized. Why don't yall visit Texas and learn some of out ways? We have plenty of attractions. Btw I hated quiz rated 1 star

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