Unifius' Zombie Survival Quiz (Again)

This is my 4th quiz about Zombies. My other two (Unifius' Zombie Survival Quiz + Unifius' Uber Zombie Survival Quiz) have mysteriously vanished. This isn't as good as before, as i'm working on a libary computer.

This quiz details about your knowledge of Zombies. Whether your an obsessed freak (ie, me) or just taking this quiz because your bored, please take to heart your result.

Created by: Austin
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You see a group of Zombie at the far end of your street. You have about half an hour before they reach your posistion. What do you do?
Barricade my house
Run to the shops for food
Run to the shops for guns
Get a pre-made "Survival Kit" and run
I have everything i need at home, so i just wait
4. What is your blunt weapon of choice?
Cricket bat
My hands
5. What is your edged weapon of choice?
Shaolin Spade
Trench Knife
6. What length is your hair?
Past my shoulders
To my shoulders
To my chin
It's short
I don't have hair
7. What body type do you have?
Muscle man
Stronger than average
Weaker than average
I'm passed around like currency
8. What type of vehicle do you own/could get in half an hour?
I don't own one/I choose to walk
An S.U.V
A bus
An average car
A motorbike/pedal bike
9. How do you kill a Zombie?
Destroy the brain
Destroy the heart
Bite them back
Play "Dean Martin's greatest hits"
You can't kill them!!
10. How many plans do you have for Z-Day?
None, i plan to improvise
A few highly detailed ones
11. How many people would you want helping you for Z-Day?
None, i'm a lone wolf
12. If you said you had people helping you, who were they?
I said i wouldn't have any
My friends
My family
Army Guys
Unknown people from the street
13. A simple senario: You feel uneasy, so you barricade your house. Moments later, a horde of Zombies start banging against your doors + windows. What do u do now?
Hand-to-hand Combat
Pick them off, one by one
Fill up my bath+sinks with water
Do a final check of the house
14. How many melee weapons do you have about the house?
Kitchen stuff - rolling pins, knifes, etc
I have axes, mallets, etc
None, but i could quite easily get some
I use improvised weapons
15. How many guns do you own?
An illegal amount
Classic firearms, working order
A few hunting rifles
I don't own any
I know where to get some
16. Do you have survival training?
Yes, Artic/cold regions
Yes, Sahara/desert regions
Yes, Amazon/rainforests
Yes, but not any of these
I am a boy scout
17. Do you know how to operate firearms?
Yes, I can pop a cap in a fly's ass at 50 paces
I'm pretty good
Just started
Just pull the trigger, right?
I don't own any, so no
18. A friend/family member has (literally) just been bit. What do you do?
Cut off the limb
Waste 'em
Tie them up
Shoot them when they turn
Keep going on as if nothing happened
19. Have you read the "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks?
Yes, multiple times
I flicked through it
20. How many movies have you seen starring the Undead?
All of them
More that half
Less than half
One or two
21. Where do you live?
Large city
Medium city
Big town
Small town
22. How do you cure a Zombie bite?
You can't
Suck out the poison
Urinate on it
It doesn't do anything anyways
23. What is your firearm of choice?
Shotgun (Scatter or solid)
Paintball gun
Sniper rifle
24. When you're playing on any kind of Zombie game, Do you make the Zombies slow or fast?
I don't play Zombie games
25. Do Zombies have the same pain threshhold as Humans?
Yes, that's why they groan
No, that's why they keep advancing
26. Do you get bored easily?
I'm bored now
27. Your main B.O.O (Base Of Operations) has been breached! Where do you go now?
I just run somewhere
An appartment building
I don't know
To a school/prison (same thing, really)
28. (Almost)Last question: What music do you want playing when Zombie Hunting?
"And the Bodies hit the floor"
Benny Hill theme tune
Requiem for A dream
Apocalyptica - Path
29. (Last question) Oh, No! Somehow, you have been killed. (you havn't reanimated, and won't) What music do you want at your funeral? (This doesn't affect your score)
"Always look on the Bright Side of Life"
Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer
Benny Hill theme tune
MC Hammer - Can't Touch this

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