Unifius' Uber "Zombie Survival Quiz

This is my 3rd (Hooray!) quiz about Zombies, being more accurate than the previous quiz. Some people will get a low score, it' part of life. Just keep your chin up, and face the Zombies staring!!

Here's some info about the quiz: A Runner Zombie is the kind of Zombie in Dawn Of The Dead. They are fast, smart and strong. The other kind of Zombie is a Moaner. These guys have the two broken ankles, moan (obviously) and are pretty easy to outwit.

Created by: Austin Ellacott
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What type of house do u have?
2 storey, big windows
2 storey, small windows
1 storey, big windows
1 storey, small windows
Single-floor appartment
4. How long does it take you to get at least 2 weapons?
under a minute
under 5 minutes
under 10 minutes
under 15 minutes
under 25 minutes
under 1 hour
5. What guns would you LIKE to possess?
Sniper rifle
6. What kind of melee weapon would you LIKE to possess?
Steel-lined cricket/baseball bat
I'd use a bayonet/butt of my gun if things got hairy
7. Back to your house. How long would it take u to barricade it EFFECTIVLEY?
A few minutes, tops
around 15 minutes
a good half-hour
best part of an hour
i dunno
8. Where is your house located?
Middle of nowhere
small town
small city
medium city
large city
New York/alternative
9. You see a group of Zombies down the road. You have to ct quickly; what do u do?
Barricade my house
Get weapons and food
Get my Zombie survival kit and run
Get some weapons and kill them!
10. These next questions are a bit personal. What body shape are u in?
A bear in human form
Stronger than others
Less strong than others
11. How long/fast can u run?
For a few miles, steady pace
A mile, varying quickness
I can run fast, but not for long
I can't run fast, but i do have stamina
I can't run
12. What is your mental state?
My will is iron
Not brilliant
I'm answering this with my toes, wearing a straight jacket, in a padded room
13. What type of planner are you?
Immediate contact
Short term/raider
Fortifier/long term
14. How many survivors do u plan to have with u?
I'm a lone wolf
15. What is your B.O.O? (Base Of Operations)
A castle
My house
I won't have a static one
Somewhere isolated
16. Let's say u run into a vehicle warehouse. You're on your own. What do u take?
A tank - has guns, armour, what more do i need?
An S.U.V - tough, can carry loads of stuff
I might take some fuel, but nothing else
I'd take the bus - can carry absolutley loads of stuff
A sports car - i can pick up some dead chicks!
17. Have you ever fired (and operated) a firearm?
Yes, military veteran.
Yes, police
I'm a paintballer
I often go hunting
Not really
18. A large group of Zombies (say, over 100) are in front of u. You are only armed with a shotgun that has 5 shells. Are u screwed?
Oh, Yes
4 for the Zombies, one for me
At least 5 of them are screwed to
19. Who would u have in your ideal survivor group?
Highly specialised people
My mates
Random people
No-one, i'd have supplies
20. How long do u spend on the internet? (This includes watching the news)
100+ hours a week
75+ hours a week
50+ hours a week
25+ hours a week
10+ hours a week
I don't spend anytime at all
21. How much sleep do u need?
10+ hours a day
8+ hours a day
6+ hours a day
4+ hours a day
2+ hours a day
22. Do u do martial arts?
I am Chuck Norris
Yeah, i have been for awhile
I have just started
I know the basics
23. How many Zombie movies have u seen featuring Runners?
All of them
I've seen, like, one
What's a runner?
24. Could u kill a family member/good friend without hesitation?
Hell yes
I would hesitate
No, i couldn't
25. Do u know how to setup traps for KILLING Zombies?
I've read the "Zombie Survival" guide
I've seen Predator
Been there, Done that got the T-Shirt
I know how to set up one
26. Do you friends respect your Zombie obssession?
Yep, they're taking the quiz after me
What obssession?
No, they mock me...
They acknoledge it
27. Your main B.O.O (Base Of Operations) has been overrun while u were out! What do u do?
Run in the back, save as many people/supplies as i can
Fall back to another base
Try to create a distraction for the rest of the survivors to get out
28. If you've taken other Zombie Survival quizes, what did u usually get as a percentage?
29. Does your job expect u to carry weapons?
Yes, military
Yes, police
No, but i do anyway
30. How do u kill a Zombie?
Destroy the Brain
"Two in the chest, one in the balls, that's how i like it"
Play "Dean Martin's greatest hits"
Burn Them!
31. Oh,No! You've been bitten! What do u do now?
Cut off the infected limb
Turn into a Zombie
Kill your self
Suck out the bodily fluids that entered your bloodstream
32. Can u do first aid?
Yep, broken bones, cuts, etc.
I'm an over-enthusiastic Cub Scout
Some of the basics
Cuts count, right?
I freak at the sight of blood
33. What kind of music do u want 2 be playing when kicking Zombie ass?
"Dean Martin's Greatest Hits"
Benny Hill theme tune
Bon Jovi's "Livin' on Prayer"
M.C Hammer "U can't touch this"
MSI: Shut me up

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