true south jerzan

"there are many peple that think just because they come down for the summer they know south jersey thats why i made this quiz to see if you could answer any of these questions thinking on my level of my home south jersey"

Do you really think new jersey is your home take this quiz to test your smarts about south jersey and all i know that is fun and never forgotten no matter what happends

Created by: mandy
1. What is your age?
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25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. On the board walk in wildwood where can you get $1.00 pizza slices?
Harry's corner
4. what time do the rides on the wildwood board walk open
5. How many water pareks does WildWood have and what are there names?
3 Typhon tunnels,Water logged,Mariners
3 Splish zone,Morey's peir's, Matchner's
3 Spash zone,Mariner's Ocean oasis
2Mariner's,Ocean oasis
2 Morey's, Mariner's
1 Spash zone
6. what color is the tram car?
yellow and blue
yellow and black
coca cola logo
pepsi logo
7. To go to the Wild Wood beach of the board walk how do you get there?
Walk down poular st.
Walk up y Splash zone then accros towards the Jumbo's then down the stair's to the beach
Anyware on the Boardwalk
In the water park
You can't
Drive around into North Wild Wood
8. Are there fire works that go of in Wild Wood? ,where, what time?
Yes, beach,10:00pm
Yes,parking lot,11:00pm
No,not that i have seen
Yes, by the rides, 12:00am
Yes, beach,12:00am
I don't know i don't go at night
9. When's the best day and time to go to the City?
What city?
When ever
Sat. 12:00am
Fri. 12:00am
Sat 1:00 am
Fri. 1:00am
10. When is "red pin" bowling and where?
Sat. 3J's
Sat. Mouse Trap
Fri. 3 J's
Fri. Mouse Trap
Eveyday in the summer
11. When is Irish fest?
there isn't one
what is that?
12. What does "shobie" mean?
any out of towner that looks funny say's water wrong can't drive and points at something no intreseting and causes accidents brings a grill to the beach holds a fishing pole up side down etc.
someone from out of town who wears socks with sandles
everyone who askes the locals questions
some one without new jersey plates
all of these don't make sense
everything mentioned and more
13. why did you take this quiz?
To see if my friends are right i'm a shoobie
see if i am really from south jersey
prove i know my stuff
i know i would pass
see if know anything about the state

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