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For the REAL South Jersey People

This is for all of South Jersey who hate being associated with the rest of New Jesery that is corrupt and polluted. We dont all live next to NEw York. Take the test and see if you are a true south jerseyan.

Are you From south jersey. Do you have pride for your farmlands and amazing beaches? take the test and find out. I need to fill out some space with characters so i can make this quiz. This part is stupid

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Are you sick of every movie about New Jesery completely being about areas north and including candem county?
hell yes!
North jersey's the s--- thats why
Do you believe that North Jesery and Central are completely different states?
can't we all get along?
Is there a farm or produce stand is a 10 min. driving distance from your house?
Are there atleast 3 wawa's less than 5 minutes from your house and are the main stop for your drunk late night cravings
all the time!
what's wawa
there's less than 2
Have you been to atleast 4 different diner's all after the hour of 10?
diner's are for truckers
Do you hate when you drive out of South Jersey and the speed limits are less than 45 mph (yea for high car insurance)
I'm a speed demon
45mph is speeding
You have driven "down the shore" taking the tuckahoe road and are convinced that no living person has ever been in those woods
yea, scary crap at night!
down the shore? its the beach
You've traveled to Delaware to go to the outlets and shop with no sales tax
Delaware is 2 hours away
You will loathe Terrel Owens until the day you die
cowboys suck
he's really good though
everything is 10,(malls, parties, stores) 20 (other towns) or an hour (shore) away. No less, no more.
ha yes
no, there are some thing 15 mins
You call them hoagies and soda and think subs is a way of transportation that does not exist in South Jersey and pop is only a type of music
this is ridiculous
the ONLY PEOPLE who say "JOIRSEY" are those of north jersey and those from out of town!
thank God someone agrees!
wadda taulking about?
You hate that South philly is invading our hick towns and you have atleast 10 pizza places in your town.
were all italian at heart
You know where atleast 2 of the philadelphia eagles players live in south jersey and have driven by there house
the eagles are a pennisylvania team
You can't pump your own gas and your proud because are gas is always cheaper!
you cant pump gas?
There are probably just as many irish people in your town as italians.
I'm both
No way italians 80%
North Jersey is the reason why New Jersey is corrupt and polluted and South Jersey takes no part.
North Jersey rocks
You think south jersey should suceed and become it's own state
we don't need you anyway

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