Exactly how South Jersey are you?

There are many Jersey people, but few true Piney's. A Piney is, afterall, quite different. What is a Piney? A Piney is someone who has an ability to put up with tourists all summer and still smile about it, at least until mid-June. They are able to roam the sticks of S. Jersey fearing only escaped convicts and the Jersey Devil.

Are YOU a Piney? Do you have the knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Nina
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1. The Jersey Devil's Last Name....
2. Jellyfish season...
3. Horseshoe crabs...
mmmm, butter and garlic sauce
I got from some guy named Joey
Used to scare the bejesus out of siblings
4. DOC's...
Sells ice cream
Sells custard
Sells surfboards
Sells kneeboards
5. Morey's Pier in....
Egg Harbor
Mariner's Landing
Mooney's Point
6. Best with beer...
deep fried jelly fish
blue crab
cherry stone clams, raw!
shrimp scampi
7. A popsicle gets stuck on your tongue on the boarwalk, what do you do?
call 911
run into the ocean
8. wAAhter, water or wooder?
9. Have you taken a ride on the Cape May-Lewis Ferry?
the what?
Nope, that's in NY
10. Acme is a real store...
with groceries and a deli
with hardware and appliances
with clothes and apparell
no freakin' way man!
11. Wawa...
babies say it, I don't.
is another word for goose
is where the Tastycakes are!
Is a convenience store.
C & D
B, C & D
12. Road that takes you to most beaches
Rt. 9
Hwy. 9
Rt. 55
Hwy. 47
13. Higbie's beach is great for...
well, you know.
14. Jimmies or Sprinkles?
You're a dork
15. The Mason-Dixon Line goes through the state...
16. Dracula's Castle was at...
Atlantic City Boardwalk
Ocean City Boardwalk
Wildwood Boarwalk
17. Sub, hoagie or torpedo?
18. Shoobies...
can all go the hell home
are great shoes for the sand
best on the rocks!
best surf shop around!
19. You or your friends have been 4-wheeling in the 'pits'.
20. Have you voluntarily swam in red (cedar) water?
No freakin' way, toxic waste! But it's the needles that freak me out!
Red water? Like the Red Sea? Some kinda algea bloom?
Crystal Lake with 'Jason' on Friday the 13th.
Hell ya, all the time. Summertime at Lake Nummy.
21. Ever gone canoeing on the the Wading River?
Nope. Jersey people don't canoe, duh.
22. A Piney is...
A pine cone after it has opened
Glop of sap that gets stuck to your pants
A name for the locals
Nickname for chipmunks
23. The color of your squirrels is...
White below the Mason-Dixon Line, Black above.
Can't tell, radioactivity makes them hairless

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