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Beehive said:
Dec 5 '16, 11:34AM

I'm 13 and 5.2 at 143lbs. I got overweight, I've been gaining a lot so it makes sense to me.

Depressed_Emo said:
Sep 6 '16, 12:52AM

It said i was almost over weight. Im 14 years old, 5'7 and 140 pounds. I personally think I'm overweight. I don't have much of a flabby stomach i just have big thighs

PollsandQuizzes said:
Aug 3 '16, 5:58PM

I feel fat though, I am 13 and 5 foot and 89 pounds, like thats like faat

PollsandQuizzes said:
Aug 3 '16, 5:56PM

It said I am perfect
I am 13 and way 89 pounds, but it didn't give me the option to anything less than 100 pounds...soooo

23r4x said:
Jun 21 '16, 1:13AM

Drink urine to lose weight.

Mini Minion said:
Jun 13 '16, 11:44AM

It said that i am obese when i am a stick! Wtf????!!!!!!

PotatoChan said:
Jun 7 '16, 4:39AM

It said way too underweight but I'm 5'2 and 90 lbs and I think that's normal. xD

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