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Beehive said:
Sep 30 '17, 7:52AM

I got really starting to get big this time, "you're starting to enter the beginning of obesity" wow.
One year later, (almost), I'm 14 now, weigh 171lbs and am 5'3.
At least I'm happy with the way my weight is :)

BLUESTAR2323 said:
Aug 8 '17, 9:03PM

I got perfect. I'm 5'10" and weigh 150 pounds.

anonygirl1999 said:
Jun 5 '17, 7:47PM

I got perfect. I am 18 years old, 5'4 1/2" and weigh about 130 pounds. I feel like I am fat, but everyone (including my doctor thinks I am perfect) My mom thinks I am big boned, but that is about it. I am a girl by the way.

KyleCanucks53 said:
Jan 25 '17, 3:58PM

I'm 14 (15 in like a month) and 6'5, 230. Im guessing most of my weight is muscle since I barely have a stomach, and I'm not "flabby" anywhere else.

fatnam4517 said:
Dec 29 '16, 9:17AM

i'm 13 and 5'2, 184 pounds. i got a morbidly obese. is there a fat kids like me?

Beehive said:
Dec 5 '16, 11:34AM

I'm 13 and 5.2 at 143lbs. I got overweight, I've been gaining a lot so it makes sense to me.

Depressed_Emo said:
Sep 6 '16, 12:52AM

It said i was almost over weight. Im 14 years old, 5'7 and 140 pounds. I personally think I'm overweight. I don't have much of a flabby stomach i just have big thighs

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