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  • I got perfect but I'm 10 and I'm 190 so.... I'm basically obese

    Phil Oct 23 '15, 5:35PM
  • I got perfect ^0^ Good quiz :3

    Kalafina Oct 22 '15, 9:33PM
  • I got Fat

    LOL i do have a big jiggly belly though

    yolojagger123 Oct 14 '15, 12:40AM
  • i'm 5'5 and 116 lbs and it said i'm close to overweight... is that true? because i came out of this feeling worse than i did before haha

    2241pm Oct 12 '15, 5:42PM
  • Close to overweight? I'm 5'7 and 131lb...Is this quiz even accurate???

    holyunicorn123 Oct 7 '15, 10:39PM
  • I feel obese but it says I'm perfect? 5'7 and 150

    xXSainnXx Sep 14 '15, 12:03AM
  • I got perfect. I'm 5'2 102 Ilbs

    meep da first Sep 2 '15, 7:19PM

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