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Being a Naruto fan or viewer, you should know about the three basic ranks a ninja is recognised for- Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin. Each is a higher rank than the other, for more qualities and heavier responsibilities and expected, possesed and carried out.

So- have you ever wondered what rank would you be classified in if you were a Naruto ninja? If you wish to know, you can take this test to find out! Have fun :)

Created by: happyshinobi
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You overhear the enemy's plans on invading Konoha one night. What would you do?
Quickly sneak away cleverly and inform Hokage-sama about this. Then gather ANBU forces and prepare to capture the enemy befor any part of the plan is carried out! This is extremely urgent, and it would be dangerous to act out on your own.
Try to take on the enemy by yourself- this would prevent a lot of trouble. Anyway, you've been training hard these days and have got really good techniques up your sleeve!
4. Your team was assigned an A-ranked mission- to escort an S-class criminal to a little village 20 kilometres away from Konoha. On the way, some baddies attacked your team and kidnapped one of your teamates. You-
are very stunned, and ask your sensei, a Jounin, for advice first before acting.
chase after the baddies right away! They're not going anywhere with your friend!
Decide to split the team up- you go with your other teamate to rescue your friend, while your sensei continues escorting the criminal to the destination- at least sensei is more powerful and can protect the criminal you all were supposed to escort! Meanwh
5. You and your teamate catch up with the baddies, and you-
ask your teamate to go for the other teamate first, while you steal the opportunity to attack the baddies. First you do a shadow replication, then go after each of the baddies and attack them using kunais and shuriken for starters!
begin to get worried for you and your teamate- you don't know how powerful the enemy is. How you wished sensei were here!
attack the baddies head on with your teamate. Use your power to knnock them flat first, then save your friend!
6. It turned out that the enemy was rather weak and you and your teamate defeated them easily, and rescued your friend! However, there was no time for rejoicing- one of the baddies had wounded your saved friend! The injury was not too minor...
You decide to bring your two teamates back with you to your sensei at high speed- whatever comes, advice is first- your sensei should be right.
Tell your teamate to bring your friend to the Konoha hospital, while you go back and join sensei, and tell him of the situation.
7. Phew! After that exhausting mission, your team managed to complete the task successfully and return to Konoha. However, the next mission was a bit of a disappointment to you- taking are of the flower shop while the owners were out for an afternoon. You-
are disappointed but try to cheer yourself up- at least we can call it a sort of break, right?
try not to show your disappointment while really kind of sulky on the inside.
8. After an hour at the flower shop, a man walks into the shop and walks around, choosing flowers. As you stand behind the counter, you spy him sneaking a bunch of blossoms into his jacket and start for the door. You ask him where he's going, and suddenly he
do shadow replication, and the many you manage to catch him super easily in less then half a minute.
have no need for shadow replication, for your speed is amazing and within a minute, he's caught!
start to chase after him, but then he's nowhere to be seen!
9. Let's say you managed to catch the man, and as you set your hands on him he disappears in a puff of smoke! You realise that you have been fooled-
You decide to forget it- it was just a bunch of flowers, after all. You and your team will just have to pay for the losses, but if you see that guy anywhere be sure to catch him then!
You report the man's looks to the ANBU, then split up the losses and pay up first to the shop owner, but let him/her know about the matter.
You continue looking for him- he's not getting away with that!
10. After a long day, you are finally returning to your home to rest. And suddenly, a shadow darts past you, and then you realise it's your little sister being kidnapped!
Waste no time in going after the kidnapper! Then, swiftly and quickly throw a kunai at him- right accurate- and he's knocked out! You then pick your frightened little sister up and start for home, but not forgetting to first call the ANBU to bring the scu
You get panicky and chase after the man and try to rescue your sister by ninjutsu techniques on the man, but somehow you seem to be forgetting the hand signs! Too bad for you, you launch into a hand to hand combat and some kunai throwing, you manage to kn
11. Last few questions- pick one of the following options that best describe yourself.
Caring, determined
Skilled, responsible
12. Lastly, which of the following are more/most important to you?
Your family and friends
Everyone that you know and recognize as good souls.

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