What Ninja Rank Are You (Naruto)

What rank in Naruto are you? Are you a wise, powerful Hokage, or are you an evil, hating rouge ninja. Or maybe you're in between? You could be almost anything!

In this quiz I have included many types of ranks you could possible have in the world or naruto, including Hokage! Take my quiz find out, and blah blah blah, stop reading!!!1

Created by: Vic Lima
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You are out on a mission where you are to ambush the enemy camp, with as few casualties to your four-man team as possible, what do you do?
Send in one of your ninja to distract the enemy, have him pull out quickly, then surprise them!
have you and your team create shadow clones, have them surround the camp, then you and your team move in
Send your team in the front, you come in through the back of the camp, and the front throws kunai like crazy @ enemy ninjas
Have half your team create as many shadow clones as they can, then have the other half torch the enemy tents with fire-style jutsus
Wait for the enemies to sleep, then come in and use poison senbons to silently kill many ninjas.
Have everyone call in as much attention as they can, then enter the center of the camp and perform a sexy jutsu, then while the enemies are stunned, hit them with a variety of jutsus and weapons
4. Despite your efforts, one of your men gets stabbed in both legs by kunai, and can't pull out of the battle! You try carrying him, but now the enemy is almost on you! Do you...
Leave him, he'll get you all killed!
Stand and fight, while another ninja takes the injured one to a hospital in your village.
Run into the woods, have those with enough chakra create clones and scatter them and yourselves throughout the woods, heading for the exit, occasionally throwing a few kunai and shuriken at unaware enemy ninjas
Perform a disguise jutsu on your injured comrade, then run and pick him up later.
5. There are no available missions, and you have some free time, you could earn some money or have fun.
Procter an event
Mark a training session with some younger students
Pull pranks
Go to a bar
Hold some extra lessons for whoever wants any (For money of course)
6. Some guy walks up to you and.... "Earth-style:Head hunter Jutsu!!!"
"Substitution jutsu!"
"Reanimation Jutsu!"
"Fireball jutsu!"
dodge then, "Shadow clone Jutsu"
dodge then, "Fanged Pursuit Jutsu"
7. You see a ninja being beat up by another in your village,and the beaten up ninja has an item with a price tag still on it.
Break up the fight
Join in
Call authorities
8. Use these jutsus I made up for this scenario ; you and another enemy ninja of about the same level are fighting in a battle for control of the village, and there are no other ninjas nearby. You've fought him before, and he is good at close combat and genj
"Secret Taijutsu: Human Prison!"
"Fantasy Illusion Jutsu!"
"Blood Blade Jutsu!"
"Wind-style: Dragon's Breath Jutsu!"
9. Now lets learn some about you, what would you like to have as a ninja?
To be everyone's protector
To have enormous power, and show my enemies who's boss!
To get a good rank
To teach others
10. What village would you like to be from?
11. Is having a demon inside you a curse or a gift?
12. Last question: what is your goal in life?
to have good friends and family
to be famous
to destroy my enemies
to go to heaven

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