The Good, The Bad, and The Sugar

Most bears are not made of Sugar. I am. I am sweet and lovable, like the opposite of a cactus. Cacti are prickly and impossible to handle. They can be a real pain if you're trying to move them without a pot.

So how much do you know about me? Do you think you can seriously answer all these questions correctly? That would be insane. I don't even think I could get a 100 on this quiz... but I don't count, considering I am a fool and an oaf.

Created by: Mike McNichol
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1. Why does Sugarbear love going to the movies?
Something about a dark room full of yobros is appealing to him.
Something about a major motion picture is appealing... perhaps the majorness or the motion.
He likes spending 10 dollars to watch images flash in rapid succession.
He f***in' hates it with every ounce of rage he can muster.
2. Who is Sugarbear's favorite afro-wearing, animal-loving, happy-accident-repairing painter with a soothing voice and pale white skin?
Bob Ross
If you thought of someone other than Bob Ross, there might be something wrong with you.
3. Of the following people, who is Sugarbear least likely to hang out with?
Andrew Vischio
Chris Reebe
John Salerno
John Mazella
Michael Woltmann
The band members of "Menudo"
4. Sugarbear is thinking about getting his own radio show. What would it be about?
Explaining the meaning of every Tool song.
Making fun of President Bush because he is an ignorant liberal dickhead.
The pitfalls of a botched circumcision.
5. What does Sugar think of rap music?
He readily identifies with it.
He often likes to write his own lyrics.
He thinks it's boring, stupid, and childish.
6. Which of the following is a password Mike wouldn't think of using? (These are all defunct now, so don't try anything you freaks.)
7. How hot is Nina LoSchiavo?
Pretty hot.
Who is that?
8. How many 300's has Sugarbear shot?
Four thousand three hundred and sixty two.
9. When is Sugar's birthday? (UH OH! NOW YAH SCREWED)
June 7, 1987.
July 3, 1987.
August 14, 1987.
April 10, 1928 (I use alot of aging cream.)
10. What is the MAIN reason that Chris Reebe doesn't like Pokerstars?
He thinks the cards are rigged.
The players are horrible.
The software is buggy.
He likes guys.
11. How Irish is Sean MacDonald?
Guinness is water.
He's decently lucky.
Sodabread is appealing.
He sometimes will take part in alcohol.
12. What does Sugarbear think of religion?
He reads the Bible daily.
He reads the Koran daily.
He thinks it's ridiculous and unnecessary.
He dresses up as Jesus for Halloween.
13. What happens when Sugar flexes his muscles?
The ceiling caves in.
Girls faint at his feet.
Guys run and hide behind things out of fear.
All of the Above.
14. What is the furthest Mike will ever get as a guitarist?
Playing to a sold out crowd at MSG.
Playing to a sold out crowd at Dock Street.
Playing to a sold out crowd at his birthday party.
Playing to a sold out crowd at Stonehenge, the final level of Guitar Hero II.
15. Where has Sugar NOT worked?
Joe's Auto Parts II
Bowling on the Green
Jews for Jesus Main Headquarters
Country Lanes
16. Which of the following is Sugar most likely to give you?
A hug.
A high-five.
A sexually transmitted disease.
A and B.
A and C.
17. How much do you love your Sugarbear?
Just barely enough to finish this quiz, maybe not even that.
Who are you?
18. Jsalz was influenced to be a cop by which two fictional characters? 1) Lenny Briscoe, 2) Inspector Gadget, 3) Shaft, 4) Carl Winslow
1 and 2
1 and 3
2 and 4
3 and 4
1 and 4
2 and 3
19. How does Sugar like his coffee?
1 sugar, 1 packet of honey, 2 Splendas, 5 sugars, 3 creams, half a milk, lemon zest, shot of whiskey, cinnamon powder, oregano and 3 sugars.
Light and sweet.
20. What is Sugar's favorite song lyric, the one that explains his philosophy on life?
Ain't nothin but a G thang...
I been patiently waitin fo a track to explode on...
You need to know how it feels to be alive...
You goin' suck it or not?

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