Are you ready to care for sugar gliders?

The sugar glider is a small gliding possum, named for it's love of sweet foods and it's ability to glide through the air. They are around 16 to 21 cm in length (with tails about as long as their bodies) and weigh between 90 and 150 grams. Their fur is usually grey with black patches on the ears and cream on the underbelly. With their amazing gliding membranes, sugar gliders can glide for great distances in the wild (measured at over 50 meters).

Sugar gliders aren't good pets for everybody. They take a lot of time and care. It takes a while to bond to them and get them to trust you. Find out if you are ready for this responsibility.

Created by: Shelby of Shelby's Gliders
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1. What is the scientific name for sugar gliders?
Petaurus Norfolcensis
Petaurus Australis
Petaurus Abidi
Petaurus Breviceps
2. What area do sugar gliders come from?
South America
3. What kind of diet do sugar gliders have?
4. When do sugar gliders sleep?
5. Whats the minimum cage size for a sugar glider?
20" square by 36" high
12" square by 28" high
36" square by 20" high
6. How can you tell the difference between a male and a female?
Different colored tails
Different stripes
The bald markings
7. How long can sugar gliders live?
Up to 5 years
Up to 10 years
Up to 15 years
8. How much time (minimum) should you spend with you sugar glider?
Once or twice a week
Every other day
A few hours a day
9. What is the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio in diets?
High Phosphorus, Low Calcuim
High Phosphorus, High Calcium
Low Phosphorus, High Calcium
Low Phosphorus, Low Calcium
10. What is HLP?
Hind Leg Paralysis
Hyperkeratosis Lenticularis Perstans

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