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Lunar Raevyn said:
Jan 4 '15, 7:39PM

Oops, I accidentally posted without writing. Sorry. Anyway, I'm not a neo-hippie as my result stated, I'm more or less a mix of a delinquent and nerd stereotype. Fun quiz, anyway.

Lunar Raevyn said:
Jan 4 '15, 7:37PM

Mahalkita said:
Sep 12 '13, 5:55PM

i got average which i don't think cuz most questions i didn't even understand or whatever 0-0

Purple_Skies said:
Jun 28 '12, 2:02PM

wow i am sooo not mega prep maybe just prep and btw this was too long of a quiz my laptop battery is almost dead

mk09 said:
Apr 25 '10, 2:21PM

average... must be clueless if you think im average >;D
i want 20 minutes of my LIFE back! tyvm!

hatake_naraki said:
May 20 '09, 9:55PM

im snake0345 4 those of u whove seen me:
iv changed alot
im becoming a prep its hard because no1 likes me cause i used 2 b emo

snake0345 said:
Apr 17 '09, 7:20PM

................... ...... life does suck
at least when my moms around

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