Snakes On A Plane Quiz

Snakes On A Plane has been a family favourite for me and I've made up 10 questions just for you! See if you are a genius! But try not to crash if you can help it huh?

Are you a massive python or a tiny anaconda? Test your knowledge here! Agent Flynn, Sean Jones , Hank Harris, Stephen Price & Kreitler await you!

Created by: amazon
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1. What company does Flynn work for?
Royal Navy
Airport Security
2. What is the name of the biker?
Neville Flynn
Sean Jones
Hank Harris
Steven Price
3. What is the surname of Flynn's cohort?
4. The plane is flying from Honolulu, but which US State is it flying to?
Los Angeles
5. Who was the first to get killed by a snake?
Agent Sanders
A man going to the toilet
A pregnant young lady
A couple kissing in the bathroom
6. How did Agent Sanders die?
Loss of air
A snake bite
Thrown out of the window
He doesn't
7. What was the name of the snake man who helped Eddie Kim?
Hank Harris
Stephen Price
An FBI agent
No one
8. Rick thought the Captain had died from a fall down the stairs. REALLY?
9. What game console simulator did Troy tell Flynn he had hours of experience on?
XBOX 360
10. Who plays Flynn?
Samuel Jackson
Nathan Phillips
Freddie Prince Jr. XD

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