Should You Stay Mormon?

Mormons are a peculiar bunch. They believe in magic underwear, modern day prophets, 10% tithe, total diligence and no caffeine or alcohol. They also believe in having large, nice families that go to church every week (sometimes twice!) and aim for a perfect life and heaven.

Have you been considering joining them? Have you been a faithful member for awhile? Are you starting to think things thru and don't agree anymore? This quiz is for every type of person who wants to know how mormon they really are...and if it's the church for them.

Created by: Christina
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When you're sitting in Sacrament Meeting, what are you really thinking about?
I'm hungry...where's the damn bread already?
God, do I get credit for this if I duck out after the water?
How beautiful and inspiring this returned missionary's talk is!
Cute kid, although his testimony's totally being whispered to him
People actually believe this crap?
4. When you were (if you are) in Young Mens/Young Womens, what was (is) your favorite activity?
anything as long as I missed the opening/closing prayers
Bake Sale
Quilting with all the old women
raking leaves in the neighborhood
car wash to see the girls get wet ;-)~
5. Where do you like to go after work?
Hire's for a burger, fries, and a shake
Coffee Break for those trendy lattes and colorful couches
Your mom's house
Your couch for some must-see TV
Port O Call
6. Your fave reading material?
Book of Mormon, the greatest book out there
Ensign, but only for the conference talks
7. When you want to have a fun time with your friends, what's your typical night?
Movies then ice cream
Walking thru the park hand in hand...aww...
Beer Pong and Flip Cup at a house party
Hale Theater for a nice family play
Southern Exposure know
Couch. Movies. Jello.
8. Favorite Club?
Area 51 for some good goth, techno, and rock
Zanzibar for a nice little jazz jam
Book of the Month Club
Relief Society/Priesthood
Anything that's packed, sweaty, and free of much clothing =)
Club? What's a club?
9. Who is your own personal hero?
The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
Rocky Anderson
The Profit, I mean, err, Prophet, Hinckley
Joseph Smith
10. How do you feel about the Word of Wisdom? Do you follow it?
Screw it, gimmee my coffee right NOW!
Eh, people can do whatever they like, their choice
If we don't follow, we will be punished. We don't deserve heaven if we drink caffeine.
It's more of a guideline than a commandment or doctrine
Liquor, sex, caffeine, I want it all!
11. What do you like spending your money on?
Booze, Cigs, Tea, Coffee, Coca-Cola...
Big vans and tons of toys for all of my 8 kids.
What money? I give it all to the church!
cds, movies, anything at Best Buy, whatever the rating
After my diligent 10%, I have no extra moolah, but I know I will be rewarded in heaven.
Church Manuals
12. What's your ideal Sunday?
Take the kids to the park and have a nice picnic
Sailing with a six-pack and a bunch of friends
Get up, get the fam ready, go to all 3 meetings at church, come home and read scriptures, fast, pay fast offerings, more meetings, Visiting Home Teaching....
Pool. Sun. Towel. Baby oil. Sunglasses. Quiet.
Church, then home for whatever
The game!!!!
13. What political leaning do you have?
Anything the profit, err again, prophet says, I support, and his choice of candidate
I'm pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, and I LOVE flip flops
I'm on the fence, I vote different ways, I go for a candidate I believe in, I don't base it on party
If the candidate is not mormon, I will not let that person win! No matter his opinions
I have my own little world...and I am king.
14. What would your ideal Heaven be?
(South Park reference) I'd rather be in Hell than in Heaven with Mormons!
All white, with three levels of goodness, where Joseph Smith rules as well, in all his glory.
Anywhere. Don't really care.
It'd have great rock bands, beer, and chicks!
Like in that Robin Williams movie...whatever anyone wants.

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