Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions)

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1800sVampire said:
May 21 '16, 10:25AM

I got Slytherin!
(YES!!! !!!!!!)

Faiien said:
May 20 '16, 11:51PM

If there was any doubt of my house, this erased it. #SlytherinPride

rambojoe8 said:
May 15 '16, 9:33PM

Saara said:
May 15 '16, 4:45AM

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Puppylover64 said:
May 3 '16, 10:19PM

#Gryffindor4life! How abou anyone else?

GryffindorGirl said:
Apr 23 '16, 6:56PM

Gryf findor 78%
Ravelclaw 64%
Hufflepuff 52%
Slythiren 46%
whoop whoop!

Crystal2003 said:
Apr 23 '16, 8:09AM

I got ravenclaw as my result it's my favorite house

Wishstar101 said:
Apr 20 '16, 7:41AM


Raven VampTisha said:
Apr 18 '16, 8:06PM

I'm from Missouri! GREAT JOB.

eener9lilly said:
Apr 18 '16, 9:50AM

not happy i am a huffle puff and i always will be

narwals123 said:
Mar 29 '16, 8:12PM

do not mess with me-i am a slytherin!

farts said:
Mar 16 '16, 11:18AM

why hasnt ravenclaw got an ! at the end yet all the others have? this is bias and i do not like it. please change it before i get mad like the hulk and smash things. i do not think that you wish this. so change it NOW.
yours sincerely
farts galore

donaldtrumpbutt said:
Mar 6 '16, 7:09PM

stfu no one cares about your chainmail.

TheEvilBudgie said:
Feb 29 '16, 2:55AM

I was Ravenclaw(but I know I'm Hufflepuff) I'm not hating though


Tolly said:
Feb 19 '16, 3:56PM

There is a question which asks what per would one like to take with them to Hogwarts. another question asks whether to go into a forest, to a beach or to a castle. I guess they were just to confuse the person because they are not part if this quiz?

Oreoverdose said:
Feb 1 '16, 5:11PM

Hello, fellow Gryffindors! :)

Skeeter12345 said:
Jan 23 '16, 2:38PM

sorry i keep doing those things sorry guys wow i feel stupid right now..... good thing im not in ravenclaw... too stupid lol

Ravenclaw_1 said:
Jan 12 '16, 7:04PM

I got Ravenclaw again! I wanted to see if that was accurate so I took it again. I am so glad I'm not any of the others

Random101 said:
Jan 8 '16, 9:41PM

I got Ravenclaw! I'm glad I didn't get Griffindor, they think they are the best house, and everyone else exept Slytherin (you gotta give those snakes that, they actually are proud of their house and the qualities that got them in it) say that they want to be in Griffindor instead.

StupidQuizMaker said:
Jan 2 '16, 10:01AM

YA YA YA IM GRIFFINDOR!!!!!!!!! !!!! DON'T JUDGE ME. I'm being awesome.

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