Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions)

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blacklongspike said:
Oct 7 '17, 8:29PM


RealistErin said:
Sep 25 '17, 6:52PM


halsey said:
Sep 13 '17, 8:50PM

Raven Claw!!!

Luna_the_Lost said:
Aug 30 '17, 12:37PM

"Your Result: SLYTHERIN! (83%)
Congratulati ons! You have been sorted into Slytherin, the house of ambition, determination, and cunning. You are amongst other Slytherins such as: Snape, Draco, and MERLIN.




Sounds about right... (#SlytherinPride)

And to pipio's comment ("For those of you that are proud of getting Slytherin- go pet a cat or something.."): What's that supposed to mean?

cocopunk1486 said:
Jan 7 '17, 4:49AM

Got an even score so I'm either a Gryffindor OR Ravenclaw. Which makes me wonder why Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw, since my answers were the same. Not complaining, I'm Team Ravenclaw for life, but just wondering how the computer decides which one to put the person in

Adi_Love357 said:
Jan 5 '17, 1:07AM


Ginnyprincess said:
Oct 24 '16, 3:06AM

MDB101 We could swap.I want Ravenclaw which you got.I got Hufflepuff which you want.(Yea I want Ravenclaw)

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