Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions)

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Cheesems9 said:
Jan 19 '14, 12:10PM

Hufflepuff. I thought I would get Slytherin, but okay!

Jenniferdu said:
Jan 4 '14, 4:44PM


DeathStar321 said:
Jan 3 '14, 4:56PM

I was placed in Slytherin. Was there ever any doubt?

Ravenclaw_Kisa said:
Jan 2 '14, 2:32PM

Ravenclaw for life

Gryffindor0722 said:
Jan 1 '14, 2:12PM

Gryffindor :) I always get Gryffindor in any sorting quiz I take .

chocolatefrog said:
Jan 1 '14, 11:53AM

I got ravenclaw but I always get gryffindor or slytherin in these quizzes. I felt like i wanted to answer two of the answers equally for some of them so I went back and changed some I couldn't choose between and got Gryffindor.

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