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    Wishstar101 Apr 20 '16, 7:41AM
  • I'm from Missouri! GREAT JOB.

    Raven VampTisha Apr 18 '16, 8:06PM
  • not happy i am a huffle puff and i always will be

    eener9lilly Apr 18 '16, 9:50AM
  • do not mess with me-i am a slytherin!

    narwals123 Mar 29 '16, 8:12PM
  • why hasnt ravenclaw got an ! at the end yet all the others have? this is bias and i do not like it. please change it before i get mad like the hulk and smash things. i do not think that you wish this. so change it NOW.
    yours sincerely
    farts galore

    farts Mar 16 '16, 11:18AM
  • stfu no one cares about your chainmail.

    donaldtrumpbutt Mar 6 '16, 7:09PM
  • I was Ravenclaw(but I know I'm Hufflepuff) I'm not hating though

    Also STOP THE SPAM ITS ANNOYING AS ALL @'''()67!,()' AND DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!?!

    TheEvilBudgie Feb 29 '16, 2:55AM

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