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  • I got Gryffindor on this and Hufflepuff on the actual Pottermore site 🧐

    MistyAussie Jun 6 '18, 7:05AM
  • Girl:do you think I'm pretty?
    Gi rl:do you want to be with me forever?
    G irl:will you cry if I walk away?
    Boy: no
    The girl walks away tears running down her face.the boy grabs her arm.
    Boy:I don't think your pretty your beautiful I don't want to be with you forever I need to be with you forever,I won't cry if you walk away I will die if you walk away. Boy:Please stay with me?girl:I will.
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    madisonhope46 Apr 13 '18, 11:39AM
  • Gryffindor.
    I prefer Hufflepuff.
    Interes ting :)

    ArysaTonks Apr 7 '18, 12:31PM
  • YAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! ! GRYFFINDOR!!!!!! I'll be with my favorite character Ron!!!!! :)

    weasleygirl_29 Mar 28 '18, 4:30PM
  • Well, that’s slander. I know the minimum. I actually like Hufflepuff better than Gryffindor. Don’t ask why.

    BonJovi18 Mar 4 '18, 6:31PM
  • Congratulations! Welcome to HUFFLEPUFF HOUSE. Our emblem is the badger, an animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked. Our house colours are yellow and black, and our common room lies one floor below the ground, on the same corridor as the kitchens. We pride ourselves on hardwork, loyalty, devotion, fairness, just, patience and kindness. Traits: Kindness, loyalty, hard work, patience, fairness, just, devotion and trustworthy. Notable people: Tonks, Cedric Diggory, Professor Pomona Sprout.

    I don’t even know what the Harry Potter world is like. 😐

    BonJovi18 Mar 4 '18, 6:28PM
  • GO RAVENCLAW!!!!! Ravenclaw for LIFE!!!!!

    Dreamcatcher1086 Feb 7 '18, 9:55PM
  • Girl-Am I pretty?
    Gi rl-Do you want to be with me forever?
    T he girl runs away with tears streaking down her face when the boy grabs her arm.
    Boy-Your not pretty, your beautiful! I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. Please stay.
    Girl-I will.
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    Dreamcatcher1086 Feb 7 '18, 9:54PM
  • Yay! Gryffindor for life!

    CherryOnTheTop Oct 18 '17, 4:02AM
  • coool

    halsey Sep 22 '17, 9:27PM
  • Gryffindor!

    ManicFanGirl95 Jun 12 '17, 10:30AM
  • Wow! i m in Gryffindor. 93% Gryffindor and 93% Hufflepuff as well.Love both the houses. Cool!

    C Ritwika May 8 '17, 11:19AM
  • (Plz read this you'll hopefully agree with me) Girl: Am I pretty?
    Boy: I'm not answering your question because I'm sick of everyone posting this
    Girl: you know what? Me too! It's so annoying!
    If you want, you can post this in quizzes to try and stop the chainmail in this site. Because this is optional, this is not chainmail.

    lightninggirl Apr 17 '17, 8:12PM
  • Oooh, Ravenclaw .o.!

    Felix Aug 23 '16, 9:03PM
  • I got Ravenclaw. YAY!!!!!!

    Haleigh Aug 19 '16, 10:26PM
  • Your Result: Gryffindor

    Congratulati ons! Welcome to GRYFFINDOR HOUSE. Our emblem is the lion, the bravest of all creatures, and we pride ourselves on boldness, courage, daring, and chivalry. Our house colours are scarlet and gold and our common room lies up in Gryffindor tower. Traits: Bravery, boldness, daring, nerve, chivalry, courage, loyalty, good-heartedness. Notable people: Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, the Weasleys, Hermione Granger.




    Beautiful123 Jul 28 '16, 10:08PM
  • I got gryffindor. :)

    annafrozen12 Jul 25 '16, 12:57AM
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    LunaSunnyRex Jun 4 '16, 11:49PM
  • 85% Gryffindor
    85% Slytherin


    TheVeryBest May 23 '16, 3:41PM
  • Cool, got Gryffindor, I always get Ravenclaw in other quizzes.

    Fairytalea May 21 '16, 10:23PM
  • I'll only say one things.me heart slytherdore!gryffyn dore- house sucks

    narwals123 Apr 12 '16, 9:58PM
  • Ravenclaw! I took all the quizzes like this and this is the answer i get every time. :)

    katnissprim2477 Apr 2 '16, 6:09PM

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