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Riolucake said:
Jan 7 '16, 9:49PM

*Faints because it said I'm a Gryffindor* I'm NOT a stupid overrated Gryffindor, nor a Ravenclaw, and FOR SURE not a Slytherin, I'm a Hufflepuff!Hufflepu ff is the best house!Gryffindor is the worst by the way.

Anne Onymous said:
Dec 26 '15, 6:13PM

I got Griffindor when I thought I will get Huff,stuff

syng85 said:
Dec 25 '15, 8:59AM

I got Gryffinndor witch is exactly what i thought i would get i would kill turner007 any day.

turner007 said:
Dec 21 '15, 6:58PM

I got slytherin witch is exactly what i thought i would get i would kill Harry any day.

Robert Lee2291 said:
Dec 18 '15, 5:50PM

Guys, question! Why are you repeating the same thing?

Random101 said:
Dec 13 '15, 7:07PM

This says I'm a Hufflepuff. (Rolls eyes) I'm in Ravenclaw for your information, and also, Griffindor is so overrated. Just because Harry was in it doesn't mean it is the best!

Kyunssi said:
Dec 12 '15, 3:32PM

@Secretely_British, SAME. i have always been a Slyth, i don't know why Ravenclaw has come about.

Secretly_british said:
Dec 12 '15, 1:13AM

I've always been slytherin, still am, but to this im ravenclaw.

karmas said:
Dec 2 '15, 11:10PM

I'm in huffle puff :( at least it is not the worst :)

Imcool said:
Dec 1 '15, 8:57PM

I got ravenclaw. I would have liked to be in gryfindor, but ravenclaw has me down pretty well: curios, creative, intelligent, and witty. I'm not really sure I'd call myself eccentric. I have been called ambitious though.

EmmaCarstairs said:
Nov 21 '15, 3:56PM

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Boy: No.
Girl: Do you want to be with me forever?
Boy: No.
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Boy: No.
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Hyena Blaster said:
Nov 11 '15, 1:20AM

This was a very good quiz! I enjoyed it! I got Gryffindor or how ever you spell it! I'm a new Harry Potter fan and I am very happy reading the books! :D

And what's with all the spam things on this quiz? I don't believe in them :/

addison834 said:
Nov 10 '15, 12:04AM

I'm kinda confused here because first time I took the quiz I was a Gryffindor but now it says I am a Ravenclaw. Idk which one I should identify as ??

addison834 said:
Oct 31 '15, 11:59PM

Gryffindor. Cool.

smile14 said:
Oct 26 '15, 10:26PM

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Boy - No
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Boy - No
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Boy - No
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Lickme69 said:
Oct 11 '15, 5:59PM

Not as much as tweddle does

ddrests said:
Oct 11 '15, 5:56PM

mollie smells

MoonWolfLily12 said:
Sep 27 '15, 12:52PM

And I got Hufflepuff

Janelypie said:
Sep 25 '15, 10:07PM


slytherinwitch said:
Sep 25 '15, 2:59AM

I belong in Slytherin and nowhere else. Would have told the stupid hat that had I been asked. Storms off. Good riddance!!!!!

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