Hello, welcome to the intelligence quiz. This test was made to test people with different types of facts. I hope that somebody learns something. I hope you enjoy the quiz and watch out for tricks. please dont take offense to anything said in the quiz.

This quiz can help you find out if you are genius and may even teach you something interesting. Even if you dont score high, you may still be a genius. Good luck and do your best.

Created by: DENIS
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1. what is 25 X 25
2. Are pitbulls a vicious breed of dogs
NO, they are mostly friendly
yes they are dangerous to society
depends on how pitbulls are raised
they are dogs that attack people and dogs often
3. can a person die from drinking to much liquid
4. is it possible to survive a 10 story or higher fall
yes but its unlikely
yes but only with something to break the the fall
5. what is 12:00 PM in military time
12 hundred hours
doesnt excist
24 hundred hours
6. what century did the revolutionary war take place
15th century
17th century
18th century
16th century
7. what is the first and last name of the 2009 president of the US
George Bush
Abraham Lincoln
John Corzine
Barrack Obama
8. who created the theory of relativity
John Adams
Charles Darwin
Mark Twain
Albert Einstein
9. which branch of government does the supreme court fall under
executive branch
judicial branch
legislative branch
10. which animal is part of the feline family
none of the above
11. who is the god of the underworld in GREEK mythology
none of the above

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