Humility Quotient Test

This is a simple yet profound test to quantify your truth knowledge and wisdom on humility. Try to understand the statements and questions very carefully. They were designed to mislead you. If you know the truths on humility, no demon or human being can deceive you into pride and false humility.

Though this test does not tell all about humility, at least it will give you a glimpse of your knowledge and wisdom on humility based on the Bible. Learning the Scriptures is one thing and applying them in your daily walk is another thing. Yes, it won't be easy to be humble when oppressed by proud and arrogant people but you can.

Created by: Leo Calderon of Arsenal For Global Warfare
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1. Humility is looking at yourself as
better than others
less than others
same as others
God's image and likeness
2. Humility is giving up your
Prestige and honor
Comfort and convenience
All of the above
None of the above
3. Humility is weak because it doesn't insist on opinions, beliefs and perceptions, so the arrogant person wins.
4. Humility is inferior to pride because it does not quarrel.
5. Humility is a form of fear so it chooses to make peace.
6. Humility is passive and inferior because it does not wrestle with the proud and the arrogant.
7. Humility is being naive.
8. Humility is avoiding proud people.
9. Humility is not resisting evil persons in order to resist the devil.
10. Humility does not confront.

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