How much of a cheesy Christian are you?

How much of a cheesy Christian are you? There are many and they live, breathe and worship in churches throughout the land. Where would we be without them?

Are you a cheesy Christian? Do you love the songs of Graham Kendrick? Do you wear socks and sandals? Take this Quiz and see what cheese level you are!

Created by: jonsanders
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3. You're planning your holidays. Do you...
Make sure you know the Spring Harvest and Soul Survivor dates before you do anything else
Book somewhere nice and hot
Stay at home because you're on the Tea and Coffee rota
4. You've bought a new DAB radio. Do you...
Attach your Ipod and put on your 'Best Worship songs in the World Ever 3' playlist
Tune in USB or Premier radio straightaway
Tune in to a BBC station
5. You're getting ready for Church and you just need to put on some footwear. Do you reach for...
your Shoes
your Trainers
your Sandals
6. The guy playing guitar at the front of church has a rainbow guitar strap. Do you...
Get out your Tambourine
Vomit all over your song sheet
Hand him your 'Jesus Loves you' plectrum
7. You're in a prayer group. Do you...
Wait your turn and pray once
Pray for 5 minutes at a time using the words 'yes Lord' and 'thank you Jesus' at least 5 times each minute
Stay silent and wish you were at home watching Neighbours
8. There's a dance prepared by the church dance group about to happen in the church service. Do you...
Think that this should be highly entertaining
Put on the matching t-shirt and leggings and join them
Make the shape of a dove using both hands to represent the Holy Spirit
9. A celebrity Christian is coming to a church event. Do you...
Order 12 tickets for you and your friends immediately
Have no idea who the 'celebrity' is and wonder if they're only a celebrity because they're a Christian
Go along and pretend that you always keep an autograph book on you in case of bumping into someone famous
10. It's a Sunday afternoon and you have control of the remote. Do you...
Watch the re-run of last night's X factor
Flick channels and occasionally watch a bit of Songs of Praise
Watch Songs of Praise and sing along to every word
11. 'Shine Jesus Shine' is the next song in the church service. Do you...
Get your banner and ribbons out so you can do some interpretive dance as you sing it
Use it as an excellent excuse to go to the toilet/check your facebook
Realise that actually it's quite a good song and embrace the cheese
12. It's the end of the service and the Minister leads everyone in 'The grace'. Do you...
Nod and smile at a few people as they look at you
Give as many people as possible the biggest cheesy grin possible as you mouth the words with true meaning
Want to die

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