how well do you know christian songs? pt2

um, go ahead and take my quiz, i really dont know what the ue is for these things.. haha. right now im am most likely talking to my self. so, yeah. haha

whats youre favorite christian song??? you can leave a comment and tell me and maybe ill include it in part three!! anyways. good luck to you! have fun!

Created by: amy likes bagels
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1. bless the LORD oh my soul, oh oh oh my soul,
worship him in everything
worship his holy name
worship him everyday
worship him in the day
2. if faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move, we come with
our salvation
our salvations
3. everyone needs compassion, a
love thats never ending
love thats never moving
a love thats never failing
a love from a savior
4. every blessing you pour out ill,
turn back to say
turn back to pray
turn back to pay
turn back to praise
5. greatest day in history, death is beaten you have rescued me, sing it out
JESUS is alright
JESUS is alive
6. you might be the wife, waking up at night, you might be the man, struggling to provide, feeling like its hopeless, maybe your the
7. My life is simple and I'm not a superman I never said that I was more than that I'm not a wanna be I'm who I want to be
and intend to be
and i will always be
and i want to be
and i will be
and i could be
8. ive got my memories, always inside of me, but i cant go back, back to
you and me
how it was
how it used to be
us and we
9. he is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane, i am a
10. a thousand times ive failed, still your mercy remains, and should i stumble again,
in bringing you praise
in bringing you names
im caught in your grace
im caught in your name
11. Wake up to the morning light wipe away the lonely nights
wanan see you smile again
wipe your tears away
youre the light in this crazy world
let a brand new day wash over you

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