Are you a God's child?

The motivation of this quiz was because I just took a Christian quiz and I sow they really know nothing about Jesus and bible. Many people don't even know if they are Christian, or how Christian they are. Sometimes a quiz is the better thing to find out how Christian you are if you are one. In my quiz I describe Jesus mercy and love for us. Which I hope this will show many low-faith people how much Jesus loves us all equal and it will make them feel better at any time when they probably think there's no more hope for them. God bless you all!!

Are you a Christian? Do you love Jesus? Do you believe in God? You can now find out in few minutes by completing this quiz you will see how much Jesus loves you no matter how you look or how down you feel. Jesus has died for us all so we can live forever. Only thru Jesus we shall enter God's kingdom. God bless you!

Created by: Flory
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1. Why Jesus had to die?
Jesus died so we can live forever
Jesus died because he said he's the messiah
Jesus died for my sins so I can live forever and be forgiven
Jesus died because he said he's the only son of God
2. What is the only sin God can't forgive?
God forgives every sin that's why Jesus died so we can be forgiven and sin again
The only sin God can't forgive is to believe God doesn't exists
The only unforgivable sin might be if you kill
The only unforgivable sin is to hate God
3. What's bigger? Faith, hope or love?
All three
4. What does God wants from us?
God wants us to love Him and obey His comands so we can live a holy life
God wants us to do nice things. No one can be holy
God wants us to go to church
I don't know what God wants...He wants too much I can't do all He wants I Barely take care of myself! Can't take care of others!
5. Does Jesus prays to God for our sins continuously ?
Yes. Jesus asks the Father mercy for us every time we sin. Even when He was crucified He told Father: forgive them for not knowing what their doing
Who can pray continuously?
God is a mercy God, He forgives anything anyway
He probably ask God to forgive us but still is God's choice
6. If I go to the club, is God there ?
Yes God is everywhere
No, God isn't in such forsaken places
No, God Probably isn't there but He's always in my heart
God is there because a club doesn't mean it's a forsaken place
7. I have a girlfriend or boyfriend, how do I know he or she is my life partner ?
I know she's/he's the one because I love her/him
We was meant to be together
I prayed to God and He answered me. I know he/she's the one for me as I asked God first.
I dont care if he/she is the one I just wanna have fun with her/him
8. You are rude with your mother or a family member, but it wasn't your that a sin?
No is not a sin once it wasn't my fault
I can only be rude with my little sister or brother
Sometimes I'm rude and I don't even mean to be rude but I always come and ask forgiveness from that person no matter who it is.
I'm never rude! I'm always nice to everyone!
9. Can any sin be forgiven?
Yes. Jesus died for all our sins. There's no sin bigger or smaller than the other. All sins can be forgiven thru Jesus blood
Depends on how big the sin is
Adultery can't be forgiven
I don't know much about this. I never sin I live a happy life the way i always wanted
10. I go to church once in a while. Does that mean I'm christian?
By going to church, do your best to help other, read the bible and pray...yes! I am a Christian!
Well twice a year...on Christmas and Easter so I am a christian
I know I go church once a while as I can't go every time church opens, but I'm doing nice things as I'm a nice person .
Me Christian? You're joking right?
11. Does heaven and hell exists?
There's heaven but no hell
No, there's only hell. Heaven don't exist.
Yes. Heaven and hell is real. Is up to us where we would go after life, it all depends on us how we wanna live here on earth.
Are you kidding me? There's no heaven and no hell !
12. Talking ugly and cursing people is a sin?
No way! By talking you can't sin!
No it's not a sin I curse people around me all the time in their back
Yes it is a sin. Even thinking bad about someone or something I committed a sin in my heart.
So what if it is a sin? Jesus died for every sin so we can sin as long as we want
13. Someone beat you up what do u do?
I beat the b------ back!
There are lots of legal ways to deal with in this case.
I just walk away
I forgive anybody as Jesus forgave us so when the judgement come I wanna be forgiven

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