How Much Are You Like President Bush?

People have various perspectives on our President. Some like him, some love him, others detest him. A rocket scientist he's not, but give him his just due. He's been elected to the highest public office in the land TWICE! If he's not smart (and I'm not saying he is), he's at least got most of the public believing he's better than the alternatives!

Is there a "little George Bush" in you? The odds are there is. The question is how much. Are you up to the task? Are you ready to answer some challanging (and some not so cahllagning) questions? Let's see...

Created by: Nick
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3. North Korea has reneaged once again on nuclear talks. Chief of State Kim Jong Il has stated they will never bow down to the Americans. To promote the resumption of nuclear negotiations you....
Give the OK to launch a nuclear cruise missle up Kim Jong's tunnel.
Give Japan the "go ahead" to resume a military presence in the area.
Send a fleet of cruisers off the South Korean peninsula.
Contact China and ask them to "make nice" with KJ.
Ask the UN to address the concern in their typical incompent way.
Call Bill Clinton and ask him how he'd handle the situation.
4. Saddam beats the wrap and is acquitted of all charges. He is set free and calls for a new election. You....
Increase US military presence in Iraq by 1,000,000 troups with "shoot to kill" directives.
Call on Isreal to "surgically remove" him as a threat.
Send "Condy" in to beat the heck out of the infidel!
Ask Tony Blair if he could ask Saddam to come for a visit, then waste the son of a gun.
Just call it a day and let Saddam do what he wants.
Go over to Iraq and campaign for your buddy Saddam!
5. You find out that Max Baer Jr. (Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillies) is still alive and want him in your administration. You offer him....
The Vice Presidency (the heck with Dick).
Secretary of State (you'd rather have a redneck than Condy).
Treasurer Secretary
Ambassador to the UN
Govenorship of Massachusetts (a position you can't offer anyway).
Sanatorial Engineering position (trash man)
6. The movie "The Wizard of Oz" celebrates the 67th anniversary of its premier. You....
Propose a "National Day of Mourning".
Propose a "National Holiday".
Go looking for those darn Ruby Slippers.
Wonder secretely if the scarcrow was really made out of straw.
Ask Dick Chenny if the "witch is really dead".
Start singing "ding dong the witch is dead" repeatedly for hours on end.
7. Dick Cheney resigns due to poor health. You nominee for VP is....
John Wayne (you didn't know he was dead)
The country group "Alabama"
Mitt Romney
John Kerry
Hillary Clinton
8. You find that the social security system will run out of funds before 2020 if congress votes to allow illegal alliens to access the funds. You....
Expel all illegals, and give law enforcement the authority to "shoot to kill" any illegals they may encounter.
Tell Dick Cheney to do his hunting near the Mexican border.
Build that fence faster.
Veto the legislation from the idiots in congress.
Ask Weird Al Yankovic for his advice.
Do a Hillary and give them the cash!!!!!!!!
9. Pakistan has found the location of Osama. You...
Nuke the entire area.
Send in special forces to get the sucker.
Call Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger to see if he can recreate his role from the movie "Commando" and kill Osama (you also ask Arnold if he'd say "I'll be back" just once, for you).
Ask John Kerry if he would lead the strike force to get Osama.
Stay clear of Osama as any further involvement in anti-terrorism activities could cost you votes (you'd be a democrat).
Try to contact Osama to see if he'd like to be considered for a Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2010.
10. You have to make a command decision at the grocery store. What do you want your groceries packed in?
Jello (everything goes with Jello)
Concrete (only George)
Wood (like his head)
11. Do you believe in God?
It's a given.
No doubt.
I believe in God, but not organized religion.
At times I wonder if there really is a God.
I'm an athiest. Heck no.
I'm Hillary... Who Cares About God Anyway?
12. You have a choice of what to watch on tv. You choose.....
60 Minutes
Local evening news
Evening drama or Oprah
Repeats of Rocky and Bullwinkle

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