Which President are you?

So you think you have what it takes to run this great country of ours? Try this quiz and see how well you match up against the men who have occupied the Oval Office.

Being President is one of the most prestigious and responsible jobs in the world. Each one has or will leave his own distinct mark on history for all future generations of Americans to ponder and follow. What kind of a President would you make?

Created by: Scott
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How would you describe your typical workday?
Exhausting but exhilarating
Exhausting and frustrating
Challenging but not discouraging
Challenging and discouraging
4. When you need to make a decision, do you:
Consult others but make the final decision yourself
Make the final decision without consulting others very much
Give others' opinions considerable weight when making your decision
Let someone else make the decision if at all possible
5. You've just given the order to bomb a key target where you know there'll be a lot of civilian casualties. Do you:
Regret yoru decision, but after all, you have a country to run
Feel little regret, as the ends justify the means
Feel regret but at the same time feel assurance that you've done the right thing
Deeply regret yoru decision and wonder if you've done the right thing
6. The press has been spreading rumors that you've been having an affair or had one recently. Do you:
Manage to blow it all over in the end and come out smelling like a rose
Vehemently deny it, then forget all about it and hope that the rest of the country will too
Deny it, downplay it and let it eventually fade out
Quietly but firmly deny it, then let things run their course from there
7. What would you most likely do after leaving office?
Continue to be in the spotlight, feverently working for causes both home and abroad
Retreat into privacy, write your memoirs and maybe a couple of books
Stay in the political scene off to the side as a supporter of your party's candidates and issues
Slip into obscurity, save for an occasional writing or lecture
8. Besides politics, what would be your profession?
None, really
Something not directly government-related, such as law or education
Something government-related but appointed, such as a judge or cabinet member
Just about anything where popularity is a distinct advantage
9. Where did you attend school and how far did you go?
Ivy League, Undergraduate Degree(s) only
Ivy League, Graduate degree(s)
Non-Ivy League, Graduate Degree(s)
Non-Ivy League, Undergraduate degree(s) only
10. Politically, are you:
Far Left
Far right
Right of center
Left of center
11. With regards to yoru spouse, are you:
Unfaithful but happy
Faithful but unhappy
Faithful and happy
12. How do you prefer to spend your leisure time?
Doing active thigns like running or swimming
Relaxing and watching sports or something similar
Socializing over a game of cards or pool
In quiet reflection, reading or writing
13. When finished your first term, do you:
Actively seek a second term with enthusiasm
Actively seek a second term but play it low-key
Passively seek a second term but expect defeat
Prefer not to seek a second term but will if persuaded
14. When you were elected to your first term, you were elected by:
A landslide
A narrow margin
15. When running for re-election, you will receive:
More votes than first time
Fewer votes than first time
About the same number of vote as first time
16. Your spiritual convictions play:
A major role in your policy-making decisions
A minor role in your policy-making decisions
Little or no role in your policy-making decisions
17. Your spouse is:
An active first lady
A passive first lady

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