Hogwarts- what house are you?

This quiz tells you what house you will be in if you ever go to hogwarts.

Do you think you can handle the truth?

Created by: Bradley
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3. Your best friend just got into a fight with the meanest kid in school. You-
Save your friend by pushing him out of the way and taking on the bully yourself.
Use your knowlage and planning skills to help your friend attack and confuse the bully.
Try and calm things down to stop the fight.
Encourange your friend to fight and tell him the bully's weaknesses ( you've faught him before)
4. Someone just broke into your house you-
Run down stairs, fists armed.
Try and bring peace to the burgler.
Wake up your family and plan an attack.
Run downstairs to see that he's taken your favorite toy, you take a mini grenade out of your pocket and blow up a small room in your house.
5. You find a piece of paper sticking out of your arch enemy's locker. You read it and it has the answers to next week's test on it. You-
Steal it and give it back to your teacher.
Try and find your enemy and get things settled down.
Throw it out, you studied for it last week
Steal it and show all of your friends.
6. Your best friend is very scared to ride a rollercoaster that someone dared him to ride. You offer to ride with him. The outcome was that-
You decide to go with him, even though you don't want to.
You go on because you always want to make people happy.
You whip ou a remote control during the ride that controls the rollercoaster. You hand it to your friend.
You get strapped in, then at the last minute get out and let your friend get scared to death for entertainment.
7. Favorite color-
8. Favorite Animal-
9. Your best friend just got elected as the quaterback for the school football team. You-
Become his personal body guard.
Go to all of his games and cheer him on.
Tell him all of these plays he never knew about.
Threaten your friend to give you the position
10. If someone handed you 1,000,000,000 dollars, you would-
Protect and share it.
Use it all to make the world a better place with nothing for you.
make a very long list and go through hours to make sure to know the best possible way to use it.
Steal a copier from a mint and make more money then use it all for yourself.
11. If scientists detected a rogue gene which convinced you that your young child would grow up to be a criminal, you-
Raise him as your child and face the consequences.
Use 3/4 of your life to make an experiment that makes him the nicest person on the planet.
Nurture you child with 3/4 of your life and try to prevent it from happing
Raise him up as your son and rob banks together with a 99.9 percent chance of being caught
12. Overall, do you rate youself most

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