Harry Potter Spell Trivia

haha! many poeple may THINK they know all the HArry Potter spells- but trust me- THEY DON'T! know what "duro" means? or "bombarda"? take this quiz! then you'll TOTALLY know!

uuuhhhg! i TRIED to fill this thing with spell but the website was like, "paragraph 2 must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters!" ug! gibberish! really, now! hehe- that used up this space! byeee! good luck

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1. what does this spell do: Piertotum Locomotor
unlocks doors
animates the statues of hogwarts
shoots gum up peeves nose
2. what does this spell do: Glisseo
turns a picture frame to stone
calls forth the almighty dragon
makes the pumpkins in Hagrids yard grow
turns steps into a chute
3. what does this spell do: Prior Incantato
shows you where to go next
tells you what your priority is
forces the most recent spells out of a wand
creates burning fire
4. what doe this spell do: Oppugno
sets birds on people
does up Harry's fly
makes two people fall in love
full body bind curse
creates food out of nothing
5. what does this spell do: Portus
it helps you apparaite
keeps your balance
creates a portkey
kills bugs
6. what does this spell do: Orchideous
makes someone look hideious
it cleans things
fixes broken tuff
creates flowers
7. what does this spell do: reparo
break things
fix things
8. what does this spell do: Muffliato
makes in invisible
muffles your footstep
makes it so people can't hear you
creates wool socks
9. what does this spell do: Sectumsempra
drains your blood painfully
cutting curse
makes snakes appear
10. what does this spell do: Meteolojinx Recanto
stops snow
stops smoke
stops cheese
stops rain
stops weather curses (rain, snow.. ect)
11. what is the spell that shoots gum up peeves nose?
12. what spell fights of the guards of azkaban?
avada kedavra!
expecto patronum
lich hex!
13. what does this spell do: stupefy
makes you fall unconcious
trips you
knocks the wind out of you
blood draining curse
knockout curse
14. what does this spell do: Furnunculus
causes boils to appear
causes radishes to come out of the ears
causes severe acne

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