Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

Okay I know, this quiz was mention to be hard. I had to look up some of my own answers! I love Harry Potter and wanted to see how many people were crazy about it like me.

This Harry Potter trivia quiz was based on the books. So if you didn't read the books, you might not get the best score in the world. But you never know!

Created by: CJ
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1. Which bottle did Harry have to drink to pass through the fire? (End of Book 1)
The large one
The small one
The square one
The triangular one
2. Who got Petrified with Hermione? (Book 2)
Nearly Headless Nick
Colin Creevey
Ernie Macmillian
Penelope Clearwater
Ginny Weasley
3. How many times did Dumbledore tell Hermione to turn back her time turner? (End of Book 3)
I don't know
4. Why was Mrs. Weasley mad at Hermione? (Book 4)
She thought she was too smart
She thought she was mean
She believed the trash Rita wrote about Hermione and Harry
She thought she was bullying Ginny
She believed the stuff Rita wrote about Hermione and Ron
I don't know
5. Who did Harry see Voldemort torture? (END of Book 5)
Mr. Weasley
A death eater
Sirius Black
Ginny Weasley
Nymphadora Tonks
6. Who did Myrtle talk to Harry and Ron about? ( Book 6, didn't mention the name)
Blaise Zabini
No clue
7. What did Hermione not know but Ron did? (Beginning of Book 7)
The tales of Beedle the Bard
Ron's middle name
Ginny's real name
That Harry was "Cousin Barney"
8. What was the answer to the riddle that the sphinx gave Harry? ( Book 4)
No clue
9. What came out of the snitch that Dumbledore gave Harry? ( Book 7)
The locket
A note
The Ressurection Stone
A picture
A howler
I don't know
10. What bit Luna at Bill and Fluer's wedding? (Book 7)
An animal
A gnome
A death eater
A bug
Something only Luna would know about
I don't know

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