Golden Compass ;)

There Are Many Smart people Who Can Achieve Top Maarks On the Golden Compass Quiz But Some Have Done it! Will You Be One Of Them Find out And Take The Quiz XD

Are YOU A Genious At the Golden Compass Quiz ? Dont Know ? Well Why Not Actuall Take The Quiz ! At the End Results Yhu Wil Find Out Who Your Character Is !

Created by: Sophie Richards
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1. Who is Lyras Enemy At Jordan Colledge?
The Master
Cousins The Servant
Lord Asriel
Mrs Lonsdale
2. Who is The First Child to Be Taken By The Gobblers?
Tony Makarios
Billy Costa
Lucy Edwards
Will Parry
3. When Lyra Runs Away From Mrs Coulter What Food Does She Buy from the Cafe ?
Muffin And Orange Juice
Lemon Juice And Cake
Ham Sandwich and Coffee
4. What is Iorek Bryinsons Armour Made Out of ?
Sky Iron
5. How Many Chapters Are There In The Book ?
6. What Shape Is Serafina Pekkalas Deamon?
A Raven
A Robin
A Snow-Goose
A Magpie
7. What is The Name Of Lee Scoresby's Daemon?
Doesn't Say
8. How Many Weeks Does Lyra Spend In Mrs Coultlers Care ?
4 weeks
6 weeks
3 weeks
1 Month
9. What Is The Shape Of The King Bear Iofur Raknisons daemon?
A Wolf
A Seal
A Leopard
He Hasn't Got One
10. 10.What Is the Last Word In The Book ?

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