How well do you know Northern Lights? (golden compass)

Many people read books, and Northern Lights is one of the popular mordern stories. But has everyone paid attention? Some people will just skim through without taking in a thing, wheras others read the book over and over again to make sure they know what happens.

Do YOU think you've read Northern Lights properly? Did you make sure you got the facts straight? If your answer is 'yes', then you should carry on and take the quiz to prove yourself. If 'no', then take the quiz to find out just how well you do know it!

Created by: KT
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1. Mrs Coulter turns out to be Lyra's what?
2. What is the name of the armoured bear that helps Lyra?
Iorek Byrnison
Iyofor Raknison
Lee Scorseby
3. What is the proper name of the 'golden compass'?
Truth mesure
Demon mirror
4. Where does Lyra live at the beginning of the book/film?
5. Who does Lyra go with to the North?
Mrs Coulter
Lord Asriel
6. What is the name of Lyra's daemon?
7. In the book, what does Tony Makarios have instead of a daemon when he loses his?
A dog
A picture of his daemon
A cat
A piece of dried fish
8. How does Iorek Byrnison become the bear king?
The other king just lets him
He saves another bear's life
He fights the other king and kills him
He doesn't become king
9. What is Serafina Pekkala?
A gyptian
A daemon
A child
A witch clan queen
The bear queen
A gobbler
10. What is Bolvangar?
A country
Where the gobblers do 'intersition' on kids
Where the ice bears live
Where the gobblers do 'intersition' on adults
Where Mrs Coulter lives permanantly
A city
11. True or false: At the end of the book, Roger is still alive.
False, but he comes back as a ghost
True, but its a close shave
True and false, because he has his daemon cut away and he doesn't die
Who the hell is this 'Roger?' Never heard of him
12. Whose boat does Lyra hyjack?
The Costa's
The Coulter's
One belonging to Jordan Collage
Lord Asriel's
Farder Coram's
A witch's?
13. Where does Lyra hide in the retiring room?
Under a table
In a wardrobe
Behind the curtains
In a box
Nowhere, she doesn't have time
Behind a vase
14. What is Lord Asriel's daemon?
A tiger
A lion
A snow-lepord
A jaguar
A house-cat
A lepord
15. What is Mrs Coulter's daemon?
A monkey
A gorilla
An orang-u-tang
A lemar
A squirrel
A chipmunk

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