Gender Myths and Stereotypes

Our western society is filled with stereotypes and bias, that have woven themselves into the fabric of our lives. Commonly held beliefs affect the way that we view ourselves and how we treat others.

Take five minutes out of your time to take this test and see if you are able to separate fact from fiction. Challenge yourself to reflect upon your answers and critically analyze your assumptions.

Created by: Malissa Losenno

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  1. Take a guess! How many do you think you will get right?
  2. Do males have a biological predisposition to be more competitive?
  3. Are females three times as likely to die from spousal abuse as compared to males?
  4. Are females more likely than males to resort to alcohol in stressful, emotional situations?
  5. Are females biologically programed to be more emotional than males?
  6. Is the female brain designed in a manner that results in excessive communication? (I.E. Talkative, chatty, etc...)
  7. Are males genetically prone to be more likely to cheat on their partners than females?
  8. Which sex is biologically programmed to be more intuitive?
  9. Are males inherently more aggressive than females?
  10. Is the male brain hardwired to be better at math than females?

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