Exercise Biology Final

this is a great quiz to see if u are ready for the exercise biology final...it is so annoying tht the sit emakes me write a description...this stupid thing must be one-hundred and fifty characters long, how annoying, i wanna kill myself..just take the damn quiz, it is so much fin! you will love it

leeor says...this is a great quiz to see if u are ready for the exercise biology final...it is so annoying tht the sit emakes me write a description...

Created by: leeor
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1. What is epistemology?
the study of muscle growth
the study of knowledge
the study of evolution
the study of epiphanies
2. Which methods are the most common?
objective and social
subjective, authority, and gnostic
mystic, subjective, and social
authority, social, subjective
3. dr. shaffrath and dr. salitsky are both teachers and doctors...therefore
we should always listen to them, and do what they say...trusting that they will never be wrong
completely disregard what they say..ignoring them completely
listen to what they say, and question them, they might be wrong even though they are doctors.
even if we think they are wrong, we should trust them
4. what does evanescence mean?
"staying the same"
confusing grades with personal worth
a scientific methodology
5. humans are...
the fastest and the strongest animals
a sad excuse of evolution
display a broad array of athletic abilities due to locomotor adaptations
are like monkeys with no hair
6. primate evolution occured over a span of...
55 million years
65 million years
75 million years
7. what percent of the population dies enough exercise to benefit their health?
8. what is the correct order of evolution?
prosimians, new world monkeys, old world monkeys, apes, homonids
prosimians, old world monkeys, new world monkeys, apes, homonids
old world monkeys, new world monkeys, apes, prosimians, homonids
new world monkeys, old world monkeys, prosimians, apes, homonids
9. what is brachiating?
slamming on the brakes
breaking something with great force
exercising too much
swinging arms, like on monkey bars
10. which primates became primarily terrestrial?
old world
new world
11. structure corresponds to...

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