Twilight 101: The Final Test!!

This is the final test in the Twilight 101 course! Congratulations on making it this far! It hasn't been the easiest road, but you've passed the hardest part already! This is just the final step. Don't stress out too much! You'll do great!

Are you a Twilight genius? Do you know everything about Twilight? Do you want to learn about it all? Twilight 101 is offering a free "Twilight course" -- giving you all of the information you could EVER want about Twilight! Pass each quiz and the final test and you are a GENIUS!

Created by: Haley
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1. How long did it take Stephanie Meyer to dream, write, and publish Twilight?
3 months
6 months
One year
Two years
2. What month and day did Stephanie Meyer dream of a vampire and girl in the meadow?
April 19
May 21
June 2
August 4
November 7
3. Who helped Stephanie Meyer come up with the Twilight Saga cars?
Her husband
Her father
Her brothers
Her son
4. Who convinced Stephanie to publish Twilight?
Her husband
Her mother
Her sister
Her daughter
5. What does the apple on Twilight's cover mean?
"Forbidden Love"
6. How did Stephanie Meyer describe Bella's eyebrows?
Full and arched
Darker than her hair and straight
Lighter than her hair and arched
Perfect shade and shape
7. What was Twilight's original name?
The Cullens
8. What was the name of Twilight's original sequel (that was never published)?
Forever Dawn
Until Dawn
Full Moon
9. What band is Bella listening to in Chapter 7 of Twilight?
Linkin Park
10. In one of the deleted outtakes, who told Bella their personal story of becoming a vampire?
None of the above
11. In one of the Twilight deleted outtakes, what did Edward do for Bella before prom?
He made her dinner
He took her to the meadow to spend time alone
They went to his bedroom for some alone time
He took her to dinner at the restaurant they ate at after he rescued her
12. In Twilight, who says "You brought a snack"?
13. In Twilight, who says, "It’s difficult on both sides — the blood-lust on the one hand, the awful pain on the other." ?
14. In Twilight, who says, "You are so pushy!" ?
15. How come Alice and Jasper can effect Bella with their talents, but Edward, Aro, and Jane can't?
Alice and Jasper's talents are stronger than the others
Alice and Jasper's love for eachother teams their powers up and breaks through Bella's wall
Alice and Jasper effect the physical, while the rest effect the mental
Bella somehow lets them effect her, but doesn't let the others effect her
16. After the vote in New Moon, what did Edward break in the living room?
His piano
Their TV
A bookcase
The railing on the stairs
17. What does the title New Moon refer to?
Bella's dark period in life
The discovery of the wherewolves
Edward left her on the night of a new moon
Edward came home on the night of a new moon
18. In the first draft of New Moon, what did Bella never find out?
That Edward left her because he wanted her to be safe
That Jacob was a wherewolf
Why Edward had thought she died
That Jacob loved her
19. What had Edward sent her that she threw back through the Cullen's window?
Her pictures
Plane tickets
He didn't send her anything
20. In New Moon, who said "I believe that...we have a date!" ?
None of the above
21. Who said, "Honesty was probably the best policy at this point."?
22. In New Moon, who said, "You don’t get a lot of suicidal vampires." ?
23. What had been the most pivotal plot point in Eclipse?
Bella found out that she loved Jacob
Bella looked at the consequences of being a vampire and accepeted them
Victoria was killed
Bella agreed to marry Edward
24. What was Bella's biggest flaw in Eclipse?
Her love for Jacob
She didn't choose Jacob
Lack of self-knowledge
Her selfishness
25. In Eclipse, who said, "Overprotective fool."?
26. Who said, "Why didn’t anyone ever try to kill me when I wanted to die?"
27. What does the cover of Breaking Dawn stand for?
The complicated decisions they had to make with the Volturi
Bella's journey through the saga
Renesme is the small piece, Bella is the queen
Bella was Edward's queen
28. Why did Stephanie Meyer decide to end the saga?
She wanted to move onto other books
She thought that if she wrote anymore people would get bored
It was Bella's story and her story was finished
It was already a happily ever after and she didn't want to ruin it
29. In Breaking Dawn, who said, "Why are you laughing at me?"
30. In Breaking Dawn, who said, "The more time he spends here, the less chance there is that we’ll ever get the smell out."?
31. Who said, "Calmly and carefully, brother. I know well how you love your justice, but there is no justice in acting against this unique little one for her parentage."
32. Who was Afton?
A friend of the Cullens
A member of the Volturi guard
The man who gave Bella birth certificates
A witness
33. Who is described as "One of the only living members of the tribe to actually witness the transformations of the previous pack, it was he who recognized the change in Sam when he returned to the tribe."?
Billy Black
Quil Ateara "Old Quil"
Harry Clearwater
None of the above
34. What special talent did Charles have?
He could shock people
He could control the weather
He could tell truth from lies
He could hypnotize people
35. Who was Chelsea?
A witness for the Volturi
A nomad
Tanya's mother
None of the above
36. What were the first two scenes filmed in the movie Twilight?
Bella arriving at school and her first meeting with Edward
Meeting the Cullens and Edward and Bella climbing the trees
Edward saving Bella from the truck and the men
The ballet showdown and the baseball scene
37. Who suggested the song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron&Wine?
Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattison
Ashley Greene
Catherine Hardwicke
38. Who turned eighteen while filming Twilight?
Taylor Lautner
Michael Welch
Anna Kendrick
Kristen Stewart
39. How many people auditioned to play as Edward?
40. Which actor is married to Jennie Garth and has three children?
Cam Gigandet
Ned Ballamy
Matt Bushell
Peter Facinelli
41. This actress loves horseback riding.
Kristen Stewart
Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed
Anna Kendrick
42. This actress's favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Kristen Stewart
Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed
Christian Serratos
43. This actress is trained in jazz, hip hop, and ballet.
Kristen Stewart
Christian Serratos
Anna Kendrick
Rachel Lefevre
44. This actor is a champion in karate.
Robert Pattison
Taylor Lautner
Michael Welch
Justin Chon
45. This actor's favorite sports are darts and pool.
Robert Pattison
Taylor Lautner
Peter Facinelli
Billy Burke

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