do you know dirt late models??

dirt late models are complicated you are not a complete idiot if you score a 0 on this test it just means you havent a clue about how to set a racecar up

are you smart enough to pass this test if so come give it a try you might be deprived of any ingeniouse thoughts you might have had about a dirt car once you get your results in

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1. is front roll center important?
2. what is LR Bite?
How much your LR tire wieghs
The split wieght in the lr (left rear) and rf
The slpit wieght in the LR To the RR
None of these
3. Is Moving you LR Upper Radius Rod (down) on the Birdcage really the correct way for indexing a birdcage?
no it is slang lango for 4 link susp. setups
yes definatly
I dont know
4. what does moving your left upper 4 link bar upon the frame or vice versa down on the birdcage do to the car from center off?
loosens through center and loosens off
tightins car in center and tightens off
tightins the car in center and lossens off
loosens in center and tightens off
5. is there a valve that can turn the RF brake off in a dirt late model?
6. which one of these are monotube shocks?
M2 Afco Double Adjustable
fixed valve alluminum threaded body afco's
7. when is the track fastest?
sloppy mudd
Shiney Surrfaced
8. what is castor?
Angle of wheel in or out
Tilt of wheel from front to rear
9. Is bumpsteer important
to the exact measurement
as long as it bumps out you are good but not to far at all on a dirt car
no such thing
10. who won the WOO (world Of Outlaw) Championship last year
Donnie Moran
"Cat Daddy" Clint Smith
Tim Macreedie
Kid Rocket

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