Could you lead a clone legion to victory? Part 3

So far this series has been loved by the people who have took it and they have really supported me. Do not take this quiz if you have not took part 1 and 2.

This time you get heavy artillery. If you do not know what that walker is look it up on wookieepedia. The next quiz is a one on one battle. Life or death.

Created by: The Geek
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3. Well done for getting this far. The last part killed quite a lot of your men and the republic thought the 317 legion was doing amazing so you recieved 100 clones and 10 ATTEs (all terrain tactical enforcer) and seperate men to handle them. How may clones do you have?
4. General kenobi tells you "Secure Hutt hyperspace " you say "whats the reason general" he says "we believe asajj ventress survived along with the secret plans and will try and gt them to another person we do not know of at the far end of the galaxy". Whats your plan?
Secure the beggining of the hyperspace routes. Do question 5 next.
Use the hyperspace route to go to the end of it before securing the end. Do question 6 next.
Block the hyperspace route so nobody can pass through. Do question 7 next
5. Your men are in position and then you see a ship that is a remake of asajj ventresses ship. She recognises you. Your plan?
Ground it.
Just shoot.
6. You see a remake of Asajj Ventresses ship appear. Then you see Savage Oprresses one. What do you do?
Shoot Savage
Shoot Asajj
Shoot wildly
7. You have put up a barricade and then a remake of her ship appears. Your plan? Do question 8 next.
Make her hit the barricade.
Just shoot.
8. This question is only done if you chose to make a barriacade going through the hyperspace route. Jabba discovered there was a barricade on his hyperspace route and sent Dengar to fix it and kill who made it. Then he appears and attacks. What do you do?
Shoot him.
Crash him .
9. Assajj Ventress escapes and flees at last minute you follow her and she goes back to tattooine. Then you discover Savage Opress is following you. Then he attacks. What do you do?
Ground him.
Just shoot.
10. In the end he spirals and lands on Tattooine. You land and decided he has gone to far to be caught now. You decide to go to Mos Eisley and stay for the night. Do you set up guard?
In shifts.
11. Since you were the leader an ugnaught who happened to live on Tattooine just out of mos eisley let you sleep at his house. You go to sleep. Then you wake up in the middle of the night and spot Dengar! Sorry that but it was time to end this part with a cliff hanger. The next part will be called "Could you lead a clone legion to victory? Part 4 Dengar. Will you take it.
12. I am sorry that you did not get to use the ATTEs that time but expect them in part 5.
I hate land artillery.
13. Will you rate or cmment?

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