Could you lead a clone legion to victory? Part 1

People love star wars and strategy games. Its time a geek like combined them. You don't even need to know about star wars to do this. Place your men choose your path.

Are you a master tactition? How many of your men will survive this first epic story? General Kenobi and the Republic are trusting you. May the force be with you.

Created by: The Geek
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3. You have 100 clones in your legion and you have been told by general kenoibi to stop the separists taking over the planet tattoine. Your legion is the 317 legion. After you were told the message by general kenobi your men leaped into action and got in their ships for take off. How do you position your men?
Have your men ready to attack after the clones land. Do question 4 next.
Positon your men in the best positions for attack not bothering to hide. Do question 5 next.
Be prepared for an ambush on the droids after they land. Do question 6 next.
4. Your men are on a nearby planet waiting for the order and then you spot the droids ships landing on Tattoine. The men take off in seconds and minutes later you land. But the droids spotted you coming and had prepared. What do you do now?
Shoot the ships so they can' t flee before landing about half a mile away so you could quickly prepare your troops.
Shoot them while still in the air.
Camcazi. Crash your ships into them.
5. You begin to position your men. Then the droid ships are spotted. What do you do? Do step 7 next.
Get your men in complete order before fighting.
Hit the droids as they come out so they can' form a line.
Every man for himself.
6. Your men are positioned hiding in the houses then the droids ships are landing. What do you do?
Run out and fight so you have the element of surprise.
Wait until all the droids are in the city before blocking the exits and firing.
Shoot the droids from your hidden position.
7. You defeated the droids with only a few casualties. Then one of your men found plans for attacking the cloning facility with a powerful bomb being carried in a red freighter. What do you do?
Set off that instant.
Spend the night then set off.
Celabrate then set off.
8. How do you find the freighter?
Fly towards kamino while hunting for docking records of this mysterious freighter.
Keep tight aerial control over kamino.
Hunt for records of a bomb being built.
9. You spot the freighter and your men prepare for aerial combat. Whats their strategy?
Shoot the freighter.
Block the freighter from landing on kamino before shooting.
10. After the battle general kenobi congratulates you and yor men and promises to put some more men under your command.
This was a fun quiz.
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12. Will you take part 2?

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